Here's the reason why I don't do brackets

yesterday alone
2023 March Madness scores, takeaways: Alabama’s path gets easier, Houston wins, but may have problems -

Who would of predicted #2 Az losing to Prinston?
the same can be said about Furman taking out #4 Virginia?

Those coaches should be fired!!! :rofl:

The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are 1 in 120.2 billion.

By contrast, the odds of winning the powerball lottery are 1 in 256 million

That said, I enjoy the challenge. I stunk up the first day.

I was watching a game and the peeps said that there are 30 perfect brackets still remaining. That is funny because they hadn’t even finished the first round games yet. There is a good chance half of those will be gone after today and the rest will be done before the weekend.

Even if there were a couple perfect brackets at the elite 8 stage, the powerful influencers that control a lot of what goes on would find a way to ruin those because in the end it is all about the money and there can’t be any big winners.

If you think the lottery has big winners, think again. There are a handful of big winners and a ton of big losers. That’s how it works in gambling. The gambling establishments NEVER lose.

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No, the high seeds did not show up to play.

I’m guessing there are no more perfect brackets after Purdues loss

yup, Still think it Bama and Kansas in the final

There goes Kansas! On any day!