Hey guys and Elizabeth, Just a thought!

With the few flaws witnesses by some that post here, I still see the games vs Nebraska and Boise State as very good and very memorable games and I complement the players and the coaches for these games.

The game vs #10 UCLA which we lost by 1 point, I give the coaches and the players an A+ even with the few exceptions pointed out by posters on this site for the first 56.5 minutes of the game and you know how I feel about the last 3.5minutes as I have expressed my ideas on other postings.

The game vs Michigan was a tragedy. In Bronco’s own words, " I did not have the team prepared to play Michigan". “On the other hand, Michigan was very well coached and prepared to play us”. "Today, Michigan is the better team. "

We still have Missouri to play, and their may be somemore terrible upsets in games like vs
Cinn, Conn, Utah State and maybe even some others if we totally fall apart, witch is possible.
Not probably, but possible.

My point is, I would rather have a 6-6 season with all the heart aches that come from it, by playing P5 teams, than to have a 10-2 season playing Mid Major Teams.

There is no going back. Mid Major was than. This is now. No more talk about mid major conferences. No more talk about not being able to sustain Independence for more than 3 years from last season. The fact must be, We are Independent until such time as we get invited or assigned to a P5 conference. There is no more going back to Mid Major or the Cougars just may lose a significant number of it’s most loyal followers.

I don’t know what it will take to get to the next level.
If it is better fans, get better fans. If it is better players, get better players. If is is better coaches, get better coaches. What ever it takes to get to the next level we must do so because with the taste of honey that we have had, there is no going biack to mid major status.

Problem is we are a mid major, with mid major recruiting trying to play P5 each week just isn’t going to hold up. Once in a while yes, but just like it took Utah a few years to get their P5 recruits in the pipeline, it will with us when we join a P5. If that doesn’t happen for some reason, MWC or similar G5 is the only viable option to sustain the program. BYU’s financial state has dropped considerably from where it was expected to be, even the endowment has dwindled, 3 more years of this is being generous, we can’t survive that long if things don’t change.

Football pulls in way more TV money than ever before and by large numbers so not following all of the math. I do not believe the financial success of football is responsible for this previously unheard of financial travesty in the rest of the university. I would be interested in seeing the numbers.

KC: Like GTwo I would like to know where and what you claim about BYU’s over all financial state. Not the sports numbers, but the university itself.


We need, from top to bottom, a whole new mind set.

I agree that it may have been, it use to be, we may have been better off if, etc. etc. etc. etc.
but the Genie has been left out of the jar and there is no going back.
The taste of honey will no longer accept margarine on our bread plate.

We now know what it is like playing 4-6 P5 Conference teams per season now and in comparison, we now know the lack of respect, win or lose, we have for playing G5 or less teams.

We may have been blissfully ignorant with our contentment as a member of a G5 conference before, but now we painfully know the difference between playing P5 teams and G5 teams and the respect the one gets while the other deserves no respect in the real college football world.e

We have chosen to be significant over being non significant. That means coaching and preparing for 12 + 1 games per season and not just 1-3 games per season.

I may have hit on a very sad realism in my next statements. I certainly hope not.

Perhaps our coaches know that they can get up for one to three top notch games at the start of each season,

but are not capable of coaching top notch teams for a full season.

Perhaps knowing that coaching in a P5 conference is not what they are capable of doing so instead, keeping us in checks and balances wining enough to be somewhat respectable as a fish out of water, (Independent with P5 rating for programing purposes only), but not allowing us to do well enough to advance, (P5 Conference),thus putting themselves without a job, is part of their master plan.

Oh yes, I am being facetious, but think about it.