Hey smart idiots then in Utah!

Call your wayward unrighteousness Senator Romney and tell him to stop blocking Johnson’s attempt to make Comey, Brennen and Clapper testify before the Senate. What is wrong with him? Does he have a brain tumor? Romney’s a traitor to the Constitution and the United States.

The following is from me, who thought a decade ago that Romney might be a “great white hope” (borrowing from a boxing terminology) at least partly having been a stake president. Romney IMO is a dishonest democrat. He is trying to leave a better legacy for himself than the failed, impotent presidential wannabe he is. He likes to think of himself as a romanticized “maverik” but I have a different moniker for him best not written on this particular forum.

Utahns should be calling, texting and emailing his office with disgust about his Marxist behavior. His ancestors must be very unhappy with him. Make noise Utahns!!! Recall him!!!

He is so consumed with hatred for Trump he can’t see straight. I think his bitterness has cankered his soul and clouded his judgment. Trump is full of warts, is crass, routinely insults even Republicans, but to side with the swamp out of vengeance is inexcusable.

A lot of church members have issues with Trump because of his personal life. I had issues with him before he was elected. I voted third party but was happy he defeated Hillary. I will vote for him this time around. He has done a remarkable job given the nonstop opposition of the press and the Democrats. I thought the press was bad with Bush II but it is nothing compared with what we have seen the past 4 years.

Trump supports most of the things church members should support and whatever his motives may be he is generally on the right side of things in his governing and to vote for Democrats this time around is voting for the destruction of the culture and the constitution. Voting for the guy with a lot of warts who will generally do what is in the best interest of the country is far preferable to those who want to dismantle our culture and who will turn us into Venezuela in a few generations. I may not be around when we get to that point but my children and grandchildren will be.

Romney’s past leadership positions in the church mean nothing to me as I contemplate what he has been doing as a senator. Unless he knows something I don’t know he appears to me to be the quintessential never Trumper who wants to curry favor with the press by going against his own party. It didn’t do McCain any good and it won’t do Romney any good either. You can work within your party to make changes but doing what he is doing benefits an opposition who are far worse than what he opposes. It is amazing to me that he can’t see that.

There will never again be a leader who brings the parties together. One of the parties has gone so far off the rails it isn’t possible unless the other one joins it and that is the only way there will be unification and it won’t be good. Evil has to be destroyed or it will destroy you. It looks like evil will continue to prevail until it is destroyed and that won’t happen through any political solution but everybody on this forum should know that,

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I totally agree. I too Will vote for Trump this time and if he wins again there be another four more years of attacks from Democrats no question about that.

Unless the Republicans can take back the House and keep the Senate…

Dew-- because of previous interactions with some posters, I choose not to respond to their post. So I am not picking on you directly, but in my study of the scriptures, along with the tides of unrest in our country, I have been thinking about the word “Contention” and how it has affected so many things in our country today.

So I wanted to express my thoughts with you and see what you felt. I already know how the others feel.

how does this “topic subject line” meets the criteria that Elder Oaks has laid out for us all to follows as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

" On the subject of public discourse, we should all follow the gospel teachings to love our neighbor and avoid contention.

**Followers of Christ should be examples of civility. We should love all people, be good listeners, and show concern for their sincere beliefs. Though we may disagree, we should not be disagreeable. Our stands and communications on controversial topics should not be contentious. We should be wise in explaining and pursuing our positions and in exercising our influence.

Or do we only follow the prophets when they agree with us?

Seriously, I read these posts and this quote came to mind.

Personally, I do not care what other people opinions are of Mitt Romney (especially those outside the state who elected him).

Like most politicians, I like some things he has done, and not happy about other things he has done.
Same can be said of Obama and Trump as well for me.

I guess you are one-dimensional. That’s okay. You are just one of the anti-nephi-lehi. Desire liberty but won’t pick up anything to defend yourself. Well, I’m one of the stripping warriors ready for battle against the prideful Nephite Romney’s of the world who hate liberty and freedom. Not on a battlefield of weapons but on the battlefield of ideas for liberty and freedom.
Out Prophets have also encouraged us to defend liberty and to speak out against tyranny as well.
What say you Floyd?

Can’t believe you said this. Did you really miss the point of these people not picking up arms? They had made a covenant with God. They are some of the best people the Book of Mormon talks about.

This sounds scary for a lot of reasons.

Amen, John!

I learned on my mission that contending with people who wants to prove their point with contention (that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is false or whatever) really never works.

The people will see what they want too see, hear what they want to hear and no matter how much truth you have on your side, They will never see it because of they are not in a position to receive it at that time.

Scott seems to be that way with Politics, he simply wants to use contention as a way to persuade people to his viewpoint, which will never work because as we know… “Contention is of the devil”

Show me one article or speech where any of our Prophets has said to us contention, be belittling to others and calling them names to stand for what you believe?

I just proved the opposite by Elder Oaks Conference talk!

In either case, “the voices of people of faith need to be heard and amplified,” he said. “When this is done, it creates a pause in the discourse and allows people to evaluate where they stand on a particular matter. Silence allows the rhythm of negativity to continue uninterrupted and unchallenged. This erodes the confidence of people of faith.”

There are tons of articles that say we need to speak out and challenge those who wish to destroy our liberty. You can sit down and be quiet letting others speak out against tyranny and those in the Church that support evil and evildoers as Romney is doing. Maybe Jim is right about Utah Mormons. Gone soft and liberal. Sad…

You haven’t learned anything… Go back into your corner and let those who will stand for right, liberty and freedom do so without attacking their faith and their testimonies. Because that is what you are doing…

Seems to me a certain PROPHET railed, many times, against communism. Contention is different than standing up for what is right and good.

Oh yeah, (an indirect reply): :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: :innocent:

Yet, God supported Moroni and others for 1,000 years of Book of Mormon wars in defending liberty, freedom and the Church. They did so by being prepared for those outside their wall of protection and from those inside that brought up contention against the Church, God and Liberty. Contention is all through the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The difference is what are the altruistic ideals of the good people and the evil people? Who does God support? I think he supports those who defend their families, neighbors, the Church, God, liberty from those who seek to destroy those things. And those who made covenants with God not to take up arms. But, they were a very unusual group of people not to be found anywhere else in the scriptures.

I think Floyd doesn’t understand the difference between defending the kingdom of God and being contentious. Romney is a wolf in sheepskins and he needs to be called out for backing evildoers in powerful positions like Schumer and Pelosi. Now, Biden and Harris. Biden’s boss King Obama was wicked with spying on Trump and others to retain power and destroy the Constitution while Romney is now supporting those involved in carrying out the wickedness of Obama and Biden. Not backing down. We see what the left has done shutting down the liberty of church goers around the nation. Restricting freedom and the rights to bear arms. Romney is supporting this. Calling him out to resign is not contentious. It’s the right thing to do.

He was “Defending” his country from invasion Scott… Slight difference, as in people were being attacked.

But yet, our living prophet which you claim to follow has asked all members to not be contentious… yet, here you are being contentious.

I do stand up for what I believe, but I do not use abusive or cruel language to do it. Nor do I try to intimidate others into what I believe. I do it the way the “SAVIOR” has taught us to do it… with love and kindness.

Sorry you have a hard time understanding… “Contention is of the Devil” as stated in the Book of Mormon which you profess to believe in.

You are the only one that saw any contention in my comments. I was simply warning good Utahns to contact Romney and tell him to stop his Marxist promotions and for Utahns to start voting with their heads. You then attacked me. You are the contentious one who is playing the free speech shutdown game.

As far as your first response. I said the Nephites were fighting to defend their families, liberty, freedom, land, happiness. You seemed to miss that.

Calling people “Idiots” are words of contention.

No it’s not. If the shoe fits, then wear it. Anyone in support of Romney or any Democrat at this time in history is an idiot. Accept this and move on trying to overcome idiotitis. Doesn’t mean Utahns are stupid and unintelligent. It means they are heavily deceived by the advisory and simply need to gain better information to make informed decisions based on logic and reasoning.