Hey! We won people!

Another win no matter how troubling it was. Still in the hunt for the Dance!

I want to know what Chris, Tom and others think about the team and where it is right now. We need another mid season report because I am troubled by where BYU is right now. Pacific is a good team but BYU should have won this game by 10 in regulation.

The free throw shooting remains suspect and the ability to finish easy shots also. I don’t understand why this team allows their opponents to believe. They don’t have the ability to put teams away and this is something you need if you want to be a team that plays in the ncaa tourney.

Young players, players playing together for the first year, some that aren’t that talented. Not an impressive win against Pacific, but a win. You can pretty much figure that every game is going to be interesting the rest of the year. Anyone who thinks a tournament bid is pretty much a lock is drinking blue koolaid. BYU was fortunate to win this game, and so it goes on. A loss at San Diego or Portland would be crushing-other than that, hang on to 2nd place in the WCC and you have a chance

The league is pretty good this year. There are talented players on most of the teams. Which is a good thing. It’s only a rec league because of the high school gyms and crummy officials.

The challenge I see going forward is if Barcello figures out he needs to put up points and not only from distance. Haarms has to play more and down the stretch. Harward scores well but isn’t Haarms. Knee willing I’d like 30 minutes out of Haarms a game.
As ruff George seems he needs 20+ minutes a game. Keep playing Lohner 20 minutes a game. Tough kid. Averette, keep playing and scoring but forget the flashy passing. And work on blocking out and not watching the ball.

And stay on your feet! This isn’t Twister :joy:

Haarms is a big key, as his shot blocking ability changes the game. I thought he should have been in with Harward in the 1st OT, because Pacific was trying to score inside. We saw in the 2nd OT, Haarms was key along with ABBA in finally getting the win

When all three of there bigs had fouled out. Our guards are not blocking out their guards. Standing watching the ball too long.

I’m not sure why Haarms is struggling with his shot lately. How hard is it for a 7’3" dude to score when he is 5 feet away from the hoop? Apparently it is really hard because he can’t seem to be able to drop the ball in the basket. He is fairly weak physically but gets by because he is tall and has a smooth stroke. He barely dunked the other day in a game, something he rarely does even when he is alone under the basket. The primary reason BYU finally won the game is because Pacific had 3 key players foul out of the game and the only big guy left for them was the weak, tall player they had.

Fortunate win for the Cougars.

PS - The hopper really likes that Twister joke, trying to steal my material… :laughing:

Haarms has a weak knee. But he’s 7’3” tall. He has dunked. He can do it on his tippie toe. He will get hot if he plays more. We shot too many 3’s against Pacific. Drive more like in the 2nd overtime.
And stay off the ground unless diving for a loose ball. No twister! Glad I thought of it :slight_smile:

I’m listening to coach Robinson and he makes a Freudian comment that George makes turnovers. So, he makes a turnover in the Pepperdine game and he’s yanked never to play again. 3 minutes. Averette makes 6 turnovers and he gets a pat on the back. George needs to play 15-20 minutes a game. Maybe 25 minutes. Weird.

No back to back losses per the Rose era. No problem. Very concerned about the team. I was worried before the season started. No dominate PG. on Go to guy on the team as Tom puts it. Who takes that shot when the game is on the line?
We had a very nice run where we gassed the other team and our bench was just plain dominate. That was absent in the last 2 games. It’s called the dog days of the season where everyone is just plain tired of these game that don’t count. thank goodness Gonzaga is coming up. something to get up for.