Hill Seals the Deal?

The NIL and portal madness and even more madness to come is really against my belief system and principles. I have stopped attending pro football and baseball because of greed and abandoned college athletics save for BYU because of the madness. I am beginning to believe that letting go of
all - including BYU - pro and semipro (semi for college but the “semi” is very, very shaky) interest is in my best interests.

Hill and new special teams coordinator Kelly Poppinga didn’t accompany the Cougars to Albuquerque on Wednesday, instead staying in Provo for a few more days to handle recruiting and some other issues. Sitake said Monday they will join the team before kickoff, which is at 5:30 p.m. The game will be televised nationally by ABC.

BYU Defensive Coordinator Jay Hill Greets Raider Damuni at Airport (msn.com)

I saw something today—I think on Barstool Sports—that Ohio State lost a 5 star to Georgia because they couldn’t match the $750k PER YEAR promise to the kid. But the article also mentioned that several schools—including the PAC12 champ—have “pledged” many millions more than they actually have on hand to recruits, and if all the recruits sign they would have to then renege on some of those deals. Or renege if boosters who have “pledged” money to NIL pools back out. So some schools are out there playing Russian roulette with NIL promises. Some will blow up in their faces.

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Same here. I’m much more into Big Sky sports because my kids attend NAU. It’s more fun to watch and follow — it’s like BYU used to be for me in the 80s and 90s. I was talking to my dad yesterday, and we were reminiscing about cutting the bowl matchups out of the newspaper (with bowl logos, which I thought were neat) and making our picks. This was before you had the dumb sponsorships (Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl). We haven’t cared about the bowls (which everyone gets into now, even 5-7 teams) for quite some time. It doesn’t feel the same.

We’re big “old-time” sports fans, but we’ve also stopped following MLB, NFL, and NBA. I bought a full set of books about Hall of Famers at a used bookstore for $45 (edited by Earl Weaver), and I loaned them to my dad (after reading them). We’re just holding on to what we had, and transmitting the magic to our kids and grandkids.

It’s part of a big decline in all of our institutions (including BYU and the Church) which are part of the fulfillment of the times of the Gentiles and events leading into the “winding up scene” (as Brigham Young called it), but it’s still sad when we’re living it. Our oldest was accepted by BYU and offered a half tuition scholarship, but declined it, and none of our other kids have applied to BYU. It’s become a smarmy, woke, lukewarm place with a lot of rot (think: Elder Holland’s “musket fire” talk), and we have a lot of friends whose kids have turned full liberal or have left the Church because of activism by BYU professors. When I say “a lot,” it’s six different kids I once had as a bishop. The parents aren’t happy about the overt and covert activism, and BYU admin and Board of Trustees inaction.

When you throw in NIL and transfer portal into the mix, a lot of the shine is off of the BYU sports apple for me. Doubly so if we stink, anyway, or are painful to watch. I would watch and follow if we had kids with heart and good attitudes who represented the school and the Church well.

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From watching the Yankees with my dad as a kid and young teen, I have followed the Yankees since the mid-50s but am done with them since the signing of Judge for $360 million. It is not Judge’s fault or the Yankees’. It is our society as a whole. There is other stuff I would like to respond to regarding your comments but that is for a different place and time.

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immediate dividends
BYU Hosts Boise State Transfer Isaiah Bagnah for a Visit (msn.com)

Edge rusher

You were a bit all over the place here. When you were a bishop, were you one at BYU? I would say that 6 in a BYU ward for 5 years would be a small drop in the bucket. In the late 70’s when I was there, I was surprised by the number of real dirtbags that attended. There were some crackpot religion teachers as well. Many good ones but BYU has always had a challenge with some of the teachers. And, not all the teachers were members either. As far as kids who become liberals, that’s pretty normal as most come from liberal public schools. Wokeism is a problem everywhere and Church members are not protected from attacks.

Still trying to understand about your take on the Church itself. What do you mean by “declining” Church?

I think the NCAA had to allow players to earn some money for their work. I’d rather see it an hourly wage instead of these deals based on how they get their money. Now, I’d also like to see the NIL tweaked so that it’s based on reward for great work ethic and production. No NIL payment until at least their sophomore year. Show me something instead of signing bonuses. until then, pay them an hourly wage. And, get back to the transfer portal the way it was, sit out a year.

IF we get this kid, he will instantly be the most athletic OLB on the roster. IF we get him, we can thank KPopp for his first recruiting contribution!


Six sacks in 2021. By contrast, BYU hasn’t had a defender with five or more sacks since Corbin Kaufusi in 2018.

On the concerning side, he announced on Oct. 29 that he was entering the transfer Portal (more than a week before the BYU game so I don’t think he played against BYU). He didn’t play much in 2022 (injury? I’m not sure).

Surprise: Dallin Holker is going to Colorado State and not to Utah.

Not following this new Head coach Ed Lamb to Northern Colorado? Anyway good luck to Holker at CSU

yes, very.
His father seems to be involved in everything. Seen it all the time. Their kids can do no wrong. Starting to feel like Holker jumped the gun and should of stayed. Early on, looks like he thought Utah would welcome with open arms, when that door was shut, he ends up at Colo St?? Big Step Down.

Think he asked BYU to take him back and they said no? Leaving in the middle of the season is cold. Maybe he was afraid he couldn’t make it in a P5 league. Just a thought. Money is driving many decisions. And for many, the love of money as we are in the last days.

Jake Hatch on Locked on Cougars had an interesting take, and it actually points to Holker’s selfishness, etc.

It’s not important for Holker to be on a team in a P5 conference or to even be on a winning team. Instead, he wants to be big fish on whichever team he is on. In this case, Holker hopes to be the next Trey McBride. You’ll recall that in the 2021 season McBride was an All American tight end at Colorado St., the John Mackey Award winner, and a second round pick in the 2022 draft. Holker hopes to follow in McBride’s footsteps.

In other words, Holker doesn’t care about the team. He’s concerned only for himself.

Thats my take.
Like I said, Hovering Father’s. Their kids can do no wrong. It’s too bad, Holker was really good as a pre mission Fr. Good Luck with Co St.

No, I was a bishop in two different wards outside of Utah. 6 of my youth is not a good percentage, especially since hardly any go to BYU in the first place. This is from among those who went to BYU.

All institutions are in decline, in my view. The church experience, mission experience, etc. is nothing like what it was — it has declined, in my view. I don’t view this as a sign of apostasy, but I also don’t believe God remote-controls our leaders, either. I believe they have agency and “a leash,” and within that agency, I don’t personally think that many recent moves have been good ones. I think this decline is seen in such things as people’s church/mission experience, BYU experience, etc.

Sports is also in a state of decline everywhere I look. I currently coach high school baseball, and have done that a lot over the years. I’m a big historical fan, but have increasingly less interest in college and pro sports.

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The administration is different than the doctrine. Yes, the brethren with prayer make changes. I don’t believe the Prophet will lead us astray. However, these seem to be the last of the last days and I’ve always been taught as individuals, we will be on our own more and more leaning in the Lord than the Church. Come Follow Me is an example and how timely prophetic it was based on the pandemic.

Institutions like BYU will also need to stand on their own as we wind down the 6th seal. It seems to be that the Brethren are attempting to keep the Church from falling apart with apostasy by yielding to some of the social norms but not approving sin as well. We have always had some challenges with professors at BYU including in the Religion Department. I’m not sure what you actually know what they are teaching that is causing your youth to go inactive. Can you elaborate on this?

Daddy Ball exists at every level. I have heard hilarious and pathetic stories directly from the horse’s mouth about dads calling the athletic department about their kids…I don’t know anything specific about Holker but have my guess…

There are zillions of examples. Cwic Media famously compiles BYU professors on film (some of the Zoom stuff from the shutdown years was eye-opening for a lot of people).

Just this week, a BYU professor in Family Science gave a lecture using the “Genderbread Person” and argued that Jesus was androgynous (and that parents should raise their children androgynous, too — not male or female).

This accords with things BYU itself has published, such as this article on cultivating “princess culture” in boys as a way of purging “toxic masculinity” (pay special attention to the three slides at the bottom of the article. Are you kidding me?).

In the case of the kids I know, it was a combination of Marxist-liberalism and militant gender ideology from their professors. They came home hating the Church and militant with their parents and others.

So, has this professor been fired? We teach the Lord was most likely married to Mary. Don’t we?