Hill throws 4 interceptions

Taysom Hill rushes for 101 yards but threw 4 interceptions. 3 of them in Cowboys territory going in for at least field goals. Hopefully, he learns from this and gets another shot after a long week to better prepare.

Bogus nonsense… did you watch the game?

The NFL hates New Orleans and loves the Cowboys. Pathetic officiating, some of those calls were absolutely ridiculous. When a team has momentum and is moving the ball and some bogus Blind side block penalty is called on a RB who is blocking a blitzing player, it is easy to see how rigged some of this stuff is. The interceptions are just a symptom of a team that is being harrassed by officials.

The Cowboys aren’t a very good team but somehow they are 8-4. I have watched several of their games and the officials do everything they can to help the Cowboys win but Dallas is so bad they can’t take advantage of it. They were able to in the game tonight. The NFL will do whatever they can to help the Cowboys make the playoffs.

I didn’t see the 4 interceptions. But, according to you, it wasn’t Hill’s fault. It was the devil that made him throw to the other team. Really? Not buying it. Without the interceptions, NO had a good chance winning.

Even if you saw the interceptions, you wouldn’t understand what was going on in the game at the time. One or two were bad luck… tipped balls or missed catches by the WR’s. A couple were just not good throws. It’s funny how you comment on so many things you never actually see, as if you had any clue what really happened.

It happens in a lot of your posts unfortunately.

I’m just following after your example. Ya, dang defender tipping the ball. It’s his fault. He shouldn’t tip it :crazy_face:

The first pick was dropped by the WR and the DB actually made an incredible play to catch it and stay in. It was not a mistake by Hill–he hit his guy in BOTH hands and would have had a first and goal inside the 5 if the guy didn’t drop it.

I thought one or two of the others were inexperience–I love Hill’s game but HATE what seems to be a lack of pocket presence. He holds the ball too long. When he feels pressure and takes off running, good things almost always happen. When he holds the ball and stays in the pocket too long, bad things almost always happen.

Dude is really fun to watch run. Payton blew it by not running Hill in the first half, and two of those second half picks were stupid play calls because the Saints were driving and Dallas had no answer for Hill running, so why throw, especially when he was inaccurate all night?

Heard on BYUSN that Hill has a tendon problem of his middle finger from hitting the helmet of an opposing player - don’t know at what time in game injury happened as I did not watch the game.


It was in the 1st quarter. He held the ball way too long as his protection broke down and when he threw the ball his middle finger hit the arm of a guy trying to block the pass. Initial reports are torn tendon (similar to what Russell Wilson of the Seahawks had earlier this year). Wilson was out 5 weeks and has been bad since his return, but his injury also looked way worse than Hill’s. They put a metal splint on Hill’s middle finger and he played the rest of the game that way. Troy Aikman was doing the commentary on TV and made mention several times about how hard it is to throw a football with your middle finger on your throwing hand in a full splint. Tom Brady could throw 500 passes a year and never hit his hand on a rusher because he has a timer in his head that tells him to throw it away or go down at just the right time. But Hill actually hit his throwing hand on rushers at least 3 times last night and had an UGLY fumble reversed on review and called incomplete when he again held the ball way too long. I want so badly for him to do well but his pocket presence looks really really bad.

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I personally understand ambition in a particular lane but I doubt Hill will ever be a top QB in the NFL. I think he would make a very good RB. But ambition and perception about yourself are very powerful indeed.

The play calling on both sides of the field was strange. I was talking to a work associate and he mentioned the same thing. I think Covid has completely messed up the thought processes of many out there. There is so much irrational thought, perspective, ideas about everything that it is all messed up and continues to be so as we move along. I mean seriously when is this going to end?

Anyhow, Tom is right on with his comments about the game and Taysom. He is a fun player to watch but is lacking in pocket presence and that got him in trouble several times.

Note: once again the hopper is clueless but comments anyway. Definitely one of the Covid casualties I mentioned…

Maybe Tayson Hill will throw better after his finger heals. Sounds like you didn’t know that hoppie.

No excuses. He has an oweee. That wasn’t the reason for the interceptions

Just like the rain wasn’t the reason for fumbles.

You didn’t see the game so stop commenting on something you know nothing about.

By now I’ve read and watched videos. I’m more up to date than you :slight_smile:

If you have done what you say then you are suffering from your usual problem of not being able to recognize the real issues taking place at any given time.