Hill vs. Wilson, who's watchin today?

My addiction is on overload today. Wishin both studs have at least 3 TDs each.

Hill needs the victory more than Wilson. But, both need to have great showings.

Went about like it was going to. The Jets are a terrible organization. Had Wilson been drafted by the Patriots the pundits would be touting him as the next Tom Brady…

Glad to see Hill do well…

100% agree.

I have Dish. But because I have Dish, I don’t get CBS. Thanks Dish, you suck.

It’s funny how they talk up Mac Jones saying things like “he was the most NFL ready QB in the draft” or “he has all the tools to be great” or “his maturity and experience are blah, blah, blah”.

If that were true why wasn’t he drafted ahead of Lawrence, Wilson or Lance who went 1, 2, 3? or Fields who went 11th? Funny how none of those guys has done so great in their rookie seasons playing for the Jaguars, Jets, 49ers (the only decent team of the 4) and Bears. Put any of those 4 behind center for the Patriots and they shine just as bright as Jones.

Everyone goes on and on about Brady but he is as much a product of the organization he played for as he is his own talent. In fact I would say more so as his current success is a result of all those years playing for a great organization.

There are some things I will never understand. Belichick is the greatest coach of our generation, maybe of all time?? But why let Brady go? Then pick up…and hold for 2 years Cam Newton? Newton was overhyped, a problem wherever he landed, that just makes no sense to me.

But yes, Wilson landing in the Pats. vs. in NY, we would all be talking MVP at this point. So, yes, Mac Jones landed in a rose heap but Brady? the goat? Belichick lucked out and landed the greatest QB to ever play the game. It made both guys HOFamers.

Ahhh…talent has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the coaching. That’s not what people said about Phil Jackson. Quite the opposite. Perhaps it’s a combination but Brady is successful anywhere he goes. Tampa isn’t all that great nor has it been. Give credit where credit is due. Players have to be adaptable to be successful as well. They have to be coachable, teachable as well. It’s a team sport.

Brady is a great QB. Of all time? Let’s just say he’s one of the greatest. He was coachable, teachable and adapts well to each opportunity. Also, like some others, he’s managed to stay relatively serious injury free. Not so this year with Wilson or Hill.

I think a big part of it is opportunity. A lot depends on the situation a player finds himself in and how hard he practices and works. There is loads of talent out there but a lot of factors contribute to whether that talent is developed and realized or not.

Pride. That would explain a lot.