Hosting the #1 recruit in 2025 class, AJ Dybantsa

No. 1 Recruit AJ Dybantsa Recaps Visit To BYU Basketball (

KY is reaching for the stars. Out of the top 4 recurits he targeted, Three, crawford, Mag and Denin all committed. Now his target Dybantsa, the #1 recruit in America visited BYU on Monday, his folks were here weeks ago.

Three pillars for AJ Dybantsa

The above-the-rim prospect, who averaged 19.1 points, 9.6 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.5 blocks last season at Prolific Prep in California, admits he doesn’t have many hobbies outside of basketball. Ball became his passion during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Since then, he’s risen to stardom as the nation’s top basketball prospect.

When deciding on which college basketball program he will play for, Dybantsa said he has three pillars he’s looking for in his next stop.

“One is family orientated. I’m going to be away from my family. Two is the development. Obviously, I want to be a one-and-done. And three is just a winning program. I want to be there hopefully for only one year so winning a National Championship is my goal.”

Oh well, 2 out of three ain’t bad (sing it)

Why not #3? This team isn’t better right now than the Jimmer team? 10-11 deep. Better defense too and I’m hoping a better coach as well.

his name is Demin, like denim only with the m and the n reversed…I don’t understand why so many of the broadcasters get such a simple name so wrong so often.
I can understand them saying Igor, the more common name, but why the last name so badly for so often for so long?

When I heard him say this my heart sank. As he also said that he what his decision making calendar is. The only shot BYU has here is to be highly ranked, in the polls and in the B12 standings, augering a deep run in the tournament which might mean a national title run the following year with an exceptional signing class.

If I were a young recruit, I would be looking at KY’s coaching staff and be wow’ed.
KY NBA great reputation for development offensive coach, lot of all star and potential HoF players love him…
Dunston great recruiter every step a step up.
Burgess great reputation for developing bigs and defensive skills.
Fanning coached Alex Saar and Amen Thompson…
Voigt defensive coach par excellence.
strength and conditioning coach Michael Davie top level NBA experience

The only thing missing is a history of working together winning.
Having seen what Mike Woodson has done at Indiana, I have my doubts about NBA coaching talent in NCAA basketball, but times are different now, both in the NBA when Woodson was doing well, and in the NCAA with NIL and athlete contracts.

Then you have people like Larry Brown (Kansas) and Pitino (Louisville), Calipari (Kentucky) who were NBA coaches and did great as college coaches (some may have twisted the rules a bit).

I think Young is the new generation of coaches, all of them know each other and has worked together in previous places. The key for me is what type of schemes that they will employ, and more importantly, does it fit the skill set of our current roster (Think ARod scheme in Football)?

Well, we will see a lot more two man games with a motion offense that doesn’t look like the Globetrotters weave. Right now we are 10 deep. I would still like to see another big unless the 6’11” Stewart kid off his mission can step up and by league play give us some good minutes.