Houston, Why BYU won

  1. Wilson will go 1 or 2 in the QB draft. He makes all of the NFL throws with ease. He has conquered his composure problems that plagued him in the past. Wilson plays the game as if it has slowed down for him to the point that he can do what he wants. 2 sacks with only 1 sack where he mismanaged (held the ball too long). Not talked about often is his speed and shiftyness. Those big chunk runs are efortless.
  2. Milne gets monster kudos. With Romney’s hammie, out, Milne just took over. 3 TDs and 184 yds is a Biletnikoff type performance.
  3. BYU’s 4th quarter comeback was a sign of the mature team, one that can contend on NY’s day.
    Now I want Sugar or Roses.
  4. 250 lb Wake is wreaking players once he gets into the secondary. A linebacker or even smaller DB is not enough, he just trucks 'em.
  5. Algier is looking NFLish. He has the second gear to go along with soft hands.
  6. we lose Romney early and all kinds of receivers are stepping in. Pau’u, Rex, Wake and Co. we will need them as Romney had a big enough injury that he should rest it for a couple of games.
  7. Remeber in the scouting report, I mentioned their NFL receiver, Stevenson? He had 1 catch for 19 yds. That was it, great job DBs
  8. Wilcox is one of those great DBs, he is a blanket.
  9. Houston’s QB, Zane was acting like the true Heisman out there in the 1st half, out gunning Zack, in fact, Houston had 309 yards in the first, but the crazy stat…Houston tallied 104 total yards in the 2nd half and 98 of that was their big drive…the next 5 drives (when Sitake took over on calls( my conjecture)) Houston had 8 total yards! That is the stat of the the game!
  10. We sure missed Tonga. Houston was just dashing us for big yards rushing in the 1st. In the 2nd half, BYU managed to make Houston abandon the run when we got up, it was their undoing, they panicked or just ran out of gas. A lot of studs on D that did fill in for Tonga…Pili lead the way but too many to count along the line. Played like champs.
  11. Trick plays- The flea flicker TD and the on sides recovery were a thing of beauty.

Lol Wake is so fun to watch! I would normally be so irked with the Houston players for the spitting nonsense, but unfortunately it is the standard for a lot of the players in certain sections of the country and has been for years

I don’t think we have heard the last of the Houston spitgate

With the Covid19 they could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

I was thinking the same thing about the spitting with possible COVID-19 and that player should’ve been ejected from the game or for the rest of the season.
Were those player wearing their mask During the game?

Hopefully you are right. With Covid going on, I would invoke disciplinary actions

Agreed on all points. Particularly the effect of not having Tonga–we go from an NFL NG to a freshman starting for the first time, and it was waaaaaay obvious. I got an in-game text that Sitake was taking over the calls for the D after that embarrassing 98 yard Houston TD drive, and the results were stellar. I love Sitake as a person, but I think his loyalty to Tuiaki will always hold the program back.

I have been calling for Allgeier since his freshman year. His NFL body and speed are sooooo obvious.
Milne: I can’t say enough good about him. He is seeing man coverage every game and has beaten every DB from every opponent this year. He is running past people, running away from people, and catching everything.

I’m not sure about Tuiaki holding back the program. He runs the defense during practice and obviously has the players doing very well letting Sitaki be the head coach during practice. His challenge is having a feeling for the play calling, sometimes. Obviously, not every game.

I hope it is a lesson learned for sitake. We cannot mess around when we run into a Boise state or a blue blood and have a disaster half on defense before we wake up up

I also can’t give enough credit to Wilcox our DB, I had heard he was good but I have not paid attention until he completely locked down there NFL receiver,

Wilcox was money. You know why we haven’t noticed him all year? Because Tuiaki is afraid to play man, so Wilcox has just been dropping into deep third all year, meaning one of our best defenders has been marginalized and his talent wasted by the DC. I have been very disappointed by our defensive scheme ever since Tuiaki took over, and we have proven time and time again that our full time prevent D makes any above avg QB look like Tom Brady:
UW 2019: Eason 24/28
USC 2019 Slovis 24/34
UofU 2019 Hundley 13/16
And the cherry on top: UH McDonald 28/46 for 493 yards.

The point here is the insane completion percentages–it’s easy to complete passes when the defensive game plan is to literally NOT GUARD GUYS, and we cannot and will not consistently compete against good teams when our game plan is to let the opposing offense completely control the flow of the game.

I was hoping that in some of our early rollover games we would see Tuiaki be aggressive when we would win for sure regardless of the defensive scheme, but it took a near loss to a barely D1 team and then frankly being embarrassed for 3 quarters by UH before Sitake intervened.