How Bad Did BYU Play Today? or 7 Ways To Lose A Game

BYU had to accomplish 7 things today to lose to arguably a lowly Missouri team. Failing to accomplish any one of these likely would have led to a win.

  1. QB forgets how to throw the football much of the game.
  2. Receivers forget how to catch the ball - some likely to #1
  3. Is run blocking allowed for BYU lineman? Particularly since Anae loves “up the middle”.
  4. Defense forgets that center screens are actually a permitted play - over and over.
  5. Lots of correctly called penalites that hurt.
  6. Lots of penalties not called that hurt just as much.
  7. A nice sprinkling of extremely stupid penalities that sealed the deal. You gotta love 31 - how many times has he done this now this year. Really!

As stated, that was not a good team that BYU lost to today, but at least Bronco can be proud of one thing. It was a team effort.

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