How BYU compared to Toledo today

This is a game that BYU was favored to win by 3.5 points.

Team comparison

412 ---------------- TOTAL YARDS-----------------405
315----------------- PASSING YARDS ------------188
97 -------------------RUSHING YARDS----------- 217
16 -------------------FIRST DOWNS ---------------- 25
0 ---------------------TURNOVERS ------------------ 1
24:07 ----------------POSSESSION ---------------31:17

It looks like Toledo beat BYU in rushing yards and first downs and time of possession.

These efforts gave them a 7 point win over BYU (21-28)

BYU looks to be a little better in total yards, a lot better in passing yards, and we had no turnovers vs their one turn over.

As it turns out, it wasn’t enough as we lost this one

by 7 points. (21-28)

BYU played like a G-5 team today against Toledo.


I agree that today BYU played like a G5 team. This tells me that we need to work harder to learn how to play consistently like a P5 team.

I think that the only time to date, that we played like a P5 team was vs. USC and maybe Tennessee. I agree that the games vs Utah, Washington and Toledo, we looked like one of the better teams in the top 25% that are G5 teams. We must to better consistently.