How did Pres. Reagan win the cold war?

Actually, what Hillary said about Churches have to change what they preach and teach. They have to be forced to change. Government has to step in and clean up the churches so every sinner can sin without feeling like they are doing things wrong. If she ends up President, look out! Churches won’t have the 503c protections and that will cause 50% of them to shut their doors. It will have an effect on our Church as well. Maybe less temples being built and operating. And, of course, if government can control the conscience of people, all else dies off too.

ME - LOL… I know you aren’t rich. I don’t give a crap what you paid for (or that you are driving one) your “lexus” but I’m guessing you probably bought it hoping that others would and that it might help in your business. Thanks for making my point with your lexus story, it was spot on.

I knew you wouldn’t understand my observation and opinion and I knew you wouldn’t agree with it because your frame of reference begins at the same place every time we have these discussions. It’s okay though, I understand you better than you think and I’m fine with it.

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So Scott, Let me ask you a question…
If a person owns a business and intentionally pays his employees below fair market value in order to earn more money for himself… is that getting wealthy off the poor?

One business I knows falls along these lines is Walmart… the children of Sam Walton reduced wages, benefits etc. in order to get more money for their pockets. If Sam knew about this, he would be rolling in his grave.

Second, Scott… Earning money is not evil, what you do with it, is where the “evil” comes into play… What do you do with your money, do you buy riches and things or do you help those in need? I think the Savior had a sermon on that issue.

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There are plenty of “Money Grabbers” on both sides of the Political isle… So bashing one side or the other is kind of mute.

I was looking at buying a new Honda Accord and the bishop had it up for sale. Let’s see, $38,000 versus $6,000. Sorry Jim, but that made more sense to me. Nothing to do with looks.

You seem to always bring up that rich people are automatically evil. Why? Nowhere does it say we are to give more than 10% and a generous fast offering. Not to FHE point of making everyone equal. I don’t find it. Of course, one has to define poor first. Poor as in third world countries or poor in the US?

And, yes. Socialist. That simply means a government will force the average. Steal from the rich and give to the poor. How is that working out? It’s making people dependent on the government instead of fighting for their liberty and freedom.

But, really. How are the rich doing it at the expense of the poor? Maybe the people work hard so they won’t be the poor and live off of welfare.

Agreed! Only, on the left, they want to force you to give up your hard working money.

The point is free agency. The Lord never said to force people into making the United order to work. That would be socialism. And, he never said for us to judge those who are wealthy either.
I agree that business owners should pay fair wages for their work. But, you do remember the parable about the people who agreed to work at a fair wage and an unfair wage. Because they agreed to their unfair wage, they should not work begrudgingly and do their very best.
Walmart, McDonalds and businesses like that were never intended to be life sustaining lifetime jobs. They were meant to be entry work jobs. Jobs to earn some money while working your way up to better jobs. But, socialists want all jobs to be where a person can raise their families and buy a house, car and so on. Like in Denmark where the average size house is 850 sq. ft.
Why does Walmart have to be anything but an entry paying job? Who says they have to pay $50/hr. Who gets to make that decision in America?

Scott… there is no such thing as “Free” Agency… Nothing is FREE… It is called Moral Agency…

We have the freedom, at least in this country, up to this particular point in time (not sure about the coming months and years) to make decisions, including those with moral implications.

2Nephi2:27, “Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life…”

Agency is the key. It represents free will. Moral agency therefore means free moral agency. There has been tons written and spoken about free agency to choose between good or evil by our Prophets and Apostles.

When did the Republican Party turn into The John Birch Society? We had these types around when I was a kid, but everyone laughed at them. Now it seems to be mainstream now that President Blackenstien is intentionally trying to destroy the U.S. government. Good stuff. Thanks for the laughs!

What and who are you responding to? This site stinks!!!

Based on the crowd that is gearing up to run for President in the Republican Party, it’s very inclusive to all. You have a wide range of people participating. A woman, a black doctor, a white doctor, hispanics and other diversities. What does the Democratic Party have? Nothing but leftists! A white woman leftist and a white socialist leftist. Whose more John Birchy this time around?

Yep, that crowd that is worried about Obama declaring martial law down there in TX is pretty diverse, not to mention highly rational bunch! Watch out! Obama gonna getcha!

Mr. Mike, now who the hell are you?

John Birch? Now that is blast from the past…

Personally I dislike the tea party “as seen on TV” members who unlike their hero Reagan refuses to work with people… The incivility of members of Congress is the real culprit in our country.

I don’t dislike Obama because of his race or that he is Liberal… I dislike him because I think he is a idiot, that has no clue how economic works, has no ??? (you fill in the blank) when it comes to confronting aggression by other Leaders, worries to much about his image instead of the country, He seems to love to polarize the country…

I want a person as President that can bring both sides together, work on solutions and not get into the pissing contest that seems to be back there now. I want LEADERSHIP…

I won’t say much Floyd because I don’t want to discuss politics here but it is kind of funny how different people see the same events. The president of the Harvard Law Review is not generally considered to be, “an idiot” so I suppose he must have turned into one after being elected? I don’t see any evidence for that. Knows nothing about the economy? Well the last guy was left with a strong economy and budget surpluses as far as the eye can see. What did he do with this gift? He caused a near depression with an economy losing jobs at one of the highest rates in history and deficits as far as the eye can see. Obama inherited that mess and has turned things completely around. Companies are hiring again and the deficit has shrunk. If that’s failure please give me more failure. Obama has been very moderate and very effective and the only reason conservatives think he’s polarizing is because the right wing entertainment industry pushes that meme constantly and even mainstream republicans get points with the base by pretending he doesn’t want to work with them when it’s exactly the other way around. He’s tried his best but When your entire agenda consists of demonizing the president with your base its kind of hard to get anything done. I think what he’s accomplished is pretty amazing given the massive irrational hatred that has been summoned against him. If he could run again he’d win again because most Americans don’t see things from the right wing media news bubble.

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Just delusional left wing crap just as a lot of the extreme right wing crap. This country is much worse off for Obama’s presidency. Stop blaming Bush, is that going to be the left manta for the next 50 years? I disliked several things Bush did but at least he cared deeply about the country our founders dreamed of and desired.

Stop blaming Bush? Really? Well the guy did start two wars which he refused to put on the books, attacked the wrong country, killed hundreds of thousands of people, killed more Americans in wars than 9/11, ruined our reputation by torturing people in violation of international law, and completely destroyed the economy. So yes, he has damaged the country for a lot longer than 50 years. What has Obama done that is in any way comparable at all?? I never get you guys :smile:

Oh and here’s what those crazy ‘liberals’ at Forbes Magazine think of his economic record:

Just because you were a Harvard Law Review does mean you are not an idiot… They call that Book Smart… Common Sense smart is something entirely different…

One thing that most liberals who say Bush blew through the “Surplus”… fails to mention what happened I within the first year of Bush Administration…

  1. We had the Dot Com bubble explode… Financial issue… - Caused by Clinton Administration and Congress
  2. We were going into a Recession - Financial issue…’ - Caused by Clinton Administration and Congress
  3. 9/11 Created a Hugh Financial issue…

So yea, he blew up the surplus, but like any other President first elected, he had to clean up the mess of the previous President… but you notice GWB did not EVER blame Clinton for what he inherited.

Did GWB make some pretty dumb decisions? Yea… I felt like he pushed America to the Cliff… Obama pushed us over it…

I don’t listen to the Conservative Talking heads… they drive me nutso… But I do listen to a lot of Economist and other folks that have pointed out some of the flaws that Obama is trying to spin… We have the highest “not Looking for work” group since the end of WWII… That is a fact…

Is Obama the “Great Satan” as some portray him? No, but I really don’t think he has a clue what is needed to right the ship.

Mike… I did not see in the Article where it talks about the unemployed who is either under employed or stop working… Maybe I missed it, but I did not see. I do love it when people try to compare “how fast” things changed between the two… it made me laugh when I remember my Econ professor say “You can make Stats say anything you want them to say, if you twist it just the right way”

Mike, nothing to say but talking points. And the Forbes article, ok, so what. Bush cared about our country. Obama wants to fundamentally transform our nation into a third world, socialist country (which he is accomplishing to a fair degree) - my own talking points. But more than Bush and Obama is the squabble here that is like the dysfunction nationally. If Obama doesn’t tear the country apart, the national squabble surely will. I am done here. You have the last talking points.