How did the new coaches rate?

I thought they did well. The offense wasn’t predictable as before. Williams was great! Hill lacked speed and didn’t try to cut on his bad foot.
Glad to see tight ends used. The wide receivers look like they can catch and run well.
But, we have to be able to score more. Also, mentally in the 4th we blipped out. Can’t do that.


I agree that the coaches did well, and I am confident their play calling will improve with time and experience. I loved the apparent trust Coach Sitake showed in his coaching staff by supporting their decisions on who should play, even concerning who should kick the field goal that would determine the outcome of the game! He humbly told the news reporter that it was the players that won the victory, keeping the focus where it belongs. Excellent!

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I think Sitake may be more clued in to coaching in a gospel way than Bronco did… no slogans, no focus on a particular order of family, religion, football, etc.

He is teaching correct principles and letting those around him govern themselves. He is holding them accountable but allowing them to learn and figure things out on their own. He is giving credit to the players and diverting attention from himself. I don’t know how it will end up, but he seems to be doing things the right way. He doesn’t seem like a control freak nor is he comfortable with the accolades, etc.

He has told his coaches what he wants and is allowing them to figure it out and make it happen… and more importantly he is doing that with the players.

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I give the coaches B+. A few series I felt they fell back a little too conservative on offense. Arizona was very suspect in their pass coverage and I felt BYU could get what ever they wanted for 5 or six yards. Could almost predict what was happening defensively in the 4th-laying back a bit giving up large chunks of yards. Fatigued or just laying off. For first game a good job - they should just get better.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve spent most of the weekend out camping and away from technology. :slight_smile:

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I think the coaches and players did well. We looked like a good team. I was excited to see Trinaman show what he can do on a few plays. He has great hands and seems to be able to get open. The tight ends caught the ball well as did Pearson. I loved the goal line score where Hill handed off to the full back and faked everyone on the defense who was zeroing in on Williams. I thought Johnny Rugby was terrific in placing kicks inside the ten yard line. I loved the way Williams ran. It was impressive that he had 168 yards despite having two long runs negated by penalties. I thought there was a lot to get excited and I am optimistic about our chances against Utah.

The coaching was exceptional. Watch in future games when Arizona goes off for 30 or 40 points if the opposing coaches forget to control the game.

Detmer and Tuiaki got together on the game plan and by design reigned Hill and the air attack in, replacing it with a time consuming ground attack. They looked at the numbers and could see that BYU’s front out weighted Zona by 40-50 lbs per man and just pounded it out. How many turnover did Zona have vs: BYU? Here is what I love about this coaching staff, they trust each other.

Don’t mean to throw a little water on the fire, but there will be lean times this season as well. I just hope it isn’t this coming week.

Here is an honest assessment -

The defense was good for a little more than 3 quarters and then they started getting heady… that infamous deer in the headlights look. They stopped playing to win and started playing not to lose. That was a mistake.

The offense managed the game well, but had a difficult time putting the ball in the end zone when they needed to. BYU dominated the game and was only up 9-3 at one point. They should have had a 20-3 lead… at least. 15 points and a last second field goal to win the game will not get it done against many of the teams left on the schedule, including this weekend. The offense needs to finish drives with touchdowns.

Still happy about the win and saw lots of good things, but also saw lots of room for improvements. Go Cougs!


As for Utah, Detmer will open up the play book. Lots of weapons.

I also think that Detmer should look at BYU blue zone film from last year. Anae did have the best conversion % in the nation for most of the season

100% agree that BYU looked like it was holding its breath just hoping for the clock to run out, instead of beating down an opponent and taking away its confidence. And BYU did that on both sides of the ball. That said, Bronco would have used all three second half TOs on Defense, and we would have lost the game by one point on the 10 yard line after a 10 second runoff. Imagine how we would all feel then!!! Our coaches did a great job managing the clock, managing the game, and sticking to the plan. And I love the defensive personnel and scheme adjustments.

Is this for real or a joke?

That was one of my biggest beefs with the RA offense… he would get ultra oconservative and the offense would fail to finish drives.

I don’t believe it.

According to the FS1 announcers, BYU was #4 in the nation in red zone efficiency last year.

thank you very much…case closed.

While we all HATED the Anae approach to GFGH. He did lead the nation for blue zone conversion for most of the season…and he did it without tight ends which is even more impressive.

Still hard to believe…

It just seemed like they could move the ball between the thirty yard lines at will but when they needed it, the offense would sputter and collapse.

Maybe it’s because the thirty isn’t considered the blue zone yet… and they didn’t get inside the 20 very often. That would increase the efficiency ranking…