How did the rest of the big 12 fair today?

BYU used to be ranked at the bottom of the big 12 but had arguably the best win of anybody in the big 12 today.

1 Texas…had a scare from WY today.
2 Ok. easy route of Tulsa
3 K St, lost to Missouri at the last second.
4 Kansas bearly beat Nev.
5 UCF beat Villinova
6 Ok St was embarassed by So. Alabama
7 Cinn found a way to lose to Miami of Ohio
8 TCU trounced Houston
9 BYU, best win of the conference at Ark
10 TTeck finally got a win over Taralton St.
11 Iowa St fizzled at Ohio
12 WV beat a good Pitt team
13 Houston lost to TCU
14 Baylor woke up and beat Long Island

My ranking would be:
K St
W. Vir
Ok St

The SEC performed the poorest of any conference until this week when the Big 12 laid an egg on week 3. We are officially the worse conference of the P5s

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Yeah, those are some pretty poor results for yesterday. I thought the conference would be a lot stronger but BYU is looking pretty good for the upcoming season. We should be confident going forward. The game vs. Kansas next week will be a good one, definitely winnable.

I watched Kansas and they are much like Arkansas. It’s really now about the health of the players. I only saw one leave the game for a concussion. Epps and Hill weren’t ready for prime time. Anyone else injured yesterday?
When players play really hard it’s my opinion they don’t get hurt as much.