How Pope has Changed BYU Basketball

This is an interesting article how Pope has started to change BYU basketball.

The #1 reason Pope is winning, Analytics. Immediate accountability. This article highlights that players tend to tune out a coach when really every good coach stresses the same thing every single day. What analytics does is “show” the player where their strengths and weaknesses are, allows them to see daily what they need to work on.

Notice what article is posted today:
“The past few weeks, coach has been saying it every day — our defense is going to win us games,” said guard TJ Haws. “We’re at a point in our season where we’re put ourselves in a spot where every possession matters. Guys are bought in. On the defensive end, it’s life or death. We have to get stops every night. I’m happy with how our guys are responding and helping each other. We’re all together on defense.”

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Good article, I am just curious about next year with so many seniors on the team this year. How will we fair?

looks good so far
AB 6-2 returning as point will be senior 4 star recruit
Gavin Baxter 6-9 returning as a junior 4 star recruit
Connor Harding 6-6 returning as a junior 3+ star recruit probably the best of the three

Trevin Knell 6-5 guard has looked good at times this year 3 star recruit
Kolby Lee 6-9 forward who was developing into something good before Yoeli stepped in and improved things immediately 3+ star recruit
Jesse Wad 6-1 4 star recruit transfer RM from Gonzaga where Few played him normal frosh time
Blaze Nield Juco transfer last year? getting limited minutes this year will likely expand next year?

Richard Harwood 6-11 who knows anything
Wyatt Lowell 6-10 another UVU transfer who knows anything

talent and maybe some diamonds in the rough?

Pope will still largely be feeding out of the trough that Rose filled very well.
The team will be taller, but who knows what other talent Pope and his staff can bring in.

This will be Alex Barcello’s team to run next year. We will be very big with some fair talent coming back but I would think that with a strong run into the NCAA’s, Pope will get a few really good transfers, maybe another good point guard.

We won’t see a run to the NCAA’s like this year but I could see a 20 win year. Not even thinking of next year because I am enjoying this group so much.

Even though you won’t respond, I agree mostly with you. We have a freshman WAC player of the year, 6’11” sitting out this year. A couple other big men with Lee coming back. AB and Harding starting at guards. A couple like Knell on the bench. I think we will be as deep. I think also a couple of transfers may be in the works. I like our chances next year as well. TJ will be hard to replace. I think Harding will shoot as well as Toolson. Should be fun…

I think we need to concentrate on this season right now instead of next year. I have thought some about next year, but right now, as was said in 1955 when the Brooklyn Dodgers won their only World Series in Brooklyn, the New York Daily News showed a picture of BKLYN Dodgers’ catcher Roy Campanella embracing the Bklyn pitcher, quote: “THIS IS NEXT YEAR.” Let’s think about this current season and after the 2019-2020 season is over then think about Next Year.

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Obviously not concentrating tonight. Could very well lose

Well it was a win and and ugly game

Those kind of games are good ones to win. We missed Nixon. Defense was slow stopping their offense.