Hunter Erickson, pretty impressive

Watch the video. We don’t get athletes like this every day. He could be a great one at BYU.
(Dunks over Munot Bol’s son Boi Boi.)

Such an impressive bball player that he gets the standard generic two stars…and almost no recruiting despite playing for a pretty good high school bball team…hmm

I’m sure Jim Hawks will be excited about this. He wants the Cougars to recruit more Utah County players. :slight_smile:

WE we’ll see how the lone Peak 2 play this year. Now that they’ve been back a year from missions and had a chance to get their bodies back to Peak conditioning

As a perfect example we have The kid that shot 54% from the three back from his mission. We’ll see if he comes back in peak condition and shoots at that same high percentage or if he struggles. Missions deconstruct what athletes have been building over the course of their lives that’s just a cold hard facts

I’m expecting the same Dave Rose teams: long scoring droughts where opponents go on 20-0 runs.

That’s the most frustrating thing for me as a fan, and a former player. Sometimes shots aren’t falling; that happens. But, you have to do other things and keep from these big momentum swings. Playing defense helps with this.

It remains to be seen whether Heath Schroyer’s return will mean that we hustle and play defense.

I think this pretty well summarizes my take on the frustration of the WCC years.

But really this isn’t about BYU’s “talent”, as they’ve had plenty since they’ve arrived in the WCC. With the exception of one season, BYU and Gonzaga have split their regular season meetings, so there’s been opportunities to win the league. The problem is the losses to the bad teams that eliminate them from championship contention. If you watch them play outside of Gonzaga, the level of urgency and effort drops dramatically, even against Saint Mary’s.
The Cougars gave up 99 points at Pepperdine, 85 at San Diego and 116 at home to Utah Valley, whose two best players are BYU transfers. There’s a mentality of entitlement and arrogance the program has about playing in “high school gyms” and constantly brings up the 20,000 fans as a way to belittle fellow WCC teams. They’ve always felt that they should just walk in and win all the titles, and it’s killing them that it hasn’t happened. There are no seniors on this team and they have a four star forward set to come back next year, so there’s optimism coming from Provo. But the “Dream Team” could play in Provo and they’ll still lose at Pepperdine if they’re mentality doesn’t change. They could very well beat the Zags again, but honestly Santa Clara and San Francisco have a better shot at winning the regular season title than the Cougars.

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Not winning the “big ones” I can live with. It’s not ideal, but you’re right ---- it is the devastating losses to really bad teams that has really soured me on Dave Rose. And, our attitude and play. The hallmark of Dave Rose is the long scoring droughts where teams go on big runs. It happens all the time, in every game.

I’m not calling for his ouster. It can always be worse. I’m not done or giving up on Sitake, but I really don’t think Mendenhall/Anae would be 1-6 with this schedule, as tough as it has been. Mendenhall is another case study of what we have in Dave Rose. Mendenhall teams had a ceiling, but there was a minimum level of quality and competitiveness against superior teams. Even when we didn’t win, we competed. How we have lost this year, especially offensively, is something I have never experienced. Not even in the 1980s with Bob Jensen, Steve Lindsley, and Sean Covey. We still won 7-8 games and were competitive in our losses — and could move the ball and score.

I don’t know what the deal is. I don’t think our talent is this bad, and I don’t think our coaching has been this inept. But I can’t deny what my lying eyes tell me, either.

■■■■ Harmon: BYU has lost to every team that were slated as better than BYU. Nothing more, nothing less. BYU is slated to play teams that they should be from here on out.

When you put it that way, we should be 1-6. I don’t see it that way, USU was a win until Hoge got injured…just a perfect storm

This is what happens when the players believe they are better than the teams they are playing. They don’t think they have to work hard or put the effort in or do whatever it takes to gain the victory. An obvious sign of a team that is lacking the mental fortitude, chemistry and commitment to do what it takes to be a winner.

That is BYU basketball in a nutshell right now.

Are these your words Harold? I wrote my reply above before I read this part of your post. You are exactly right. I have been trying to say this for a couple years now. You asked about Haws? Well, you answered your own question to me.