I am just curious why people don't see the obvious?

I have been watching the news over the battle in Congress vs Senate bills with the support over Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan funding.

Congress is so divided that anything that comes from one body or the other is automatically deemed “DOA”!

Has our country come to the point that people can no longer work together? Is this the aftermath of Trump/Biden presidencies?

If I was House Speaker Johnson, I would simply meet with Schummer/McConnell and Democratic House leader together.

In this meeting, I would simply tell Schummer “IF” you bring HR 2 to the senate floor and pass it, then the House will put your bill on the floor for a vote (which will pass with democrat support).

Why do this?
Because HR 2 bill covers everything, we need for border security and needed support to fix the border. While the Senate bill covers all the support that Ukraine and Israel need to fight thier wars.

So, it would be a win/win situation. The border gets it’s needed funding, while Ukraine gets what it needs.

But while there is a “hatred” for the other side, nothing will get done.

Is it hatred? The Democrats don’t want to fix the border. They want tens of millions of future voters who will vote for Democrats Marxist governments like many of them come from. They also don’t really want to help the Ukraine. If they did, the Democrats would take away the money flow (oil) from Putin and Iran. They would put back all the Trump doctrines for the border and Russia-Iran. That would be anti-Marxist to them.

McConnell is a mental giant like Biden. He’s confused thinking Schumer wants to work with him to make the U.S. more free. Schumer is also a Marxist. All he cares about is power. Just like Pelosi does.