I can understand

why so many people from California are moving to Utah and out of this dumpster fire state. I spent the past week in Utah as we prepared for my oldest son’s sealing and reception in Provo. It was a really good week and we loved our time in the beautiful state of Utah. The drivers weren’t very considerate and spend too much time on their phones while driving but the people are friendly, the family atmosphere is refreshing, the state is clean and overall I can see why people from California are moving there. I feel bad that everyone is upset about the rise in real estate with homes costing a lot but there are a lot of Utahns’ who are benefitting from it too. The cost of living isn’t that much different than here, Gas prices are only a little cheaper but grocery prices seemed higher. Taxes are better in Utah too. California just isn’t a great place to be right now…

We drove from Provo to Spanish Fork, where we were staying with new move out friends from California, and got caught in a gnarley thunder and lightning storm. I think it rained more in a 2 hour period than it did all of the past year here in California. We went to a public park in Spanish Fork with our grand daughter that had water features and was immaculate. The roads are in great condition, the state is clean and beautiful. You Utah peeps are pretty lucky, it isn’t that nice here in California… our governor is destroying this state and it looks like he may be the top candidate for president when the Biden horror show ends…

We are all in trouble.

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I feel for you. California has been going downhill since the late 80s. When they turned blue in the early 90s and kept getting more progressive it was the beginning of the end for them.

Unfortunately Californians are starting to move to
Texas in droves. We have a great climate for business here but a lot of the people coming here are bringing their insane politics with them. They seem to forget that the politics that ruined California will ruin Texas if they take hold here. A guy named Beto O’Rourke ran for senate a few years ago and nearly beat Ted Cruz. Now he’s running for governor with big Hollywood money finding him. If he wins we are in real trouble here. I wish he would move to California.

The progressives destroy everything they touch. They turned a solid red Georgia purple and now they have set their sights on Texas. They won’t be happy until they control everything and then we will become a banana republic. To them good is evil and evil is good. Some of the national polls are showing Democrats trending up for the midterms and it has me worried. Republicans have to a least take the house or this country is in big trouble. About a month ago the polls indicated a red wave election but now the polls are tightening up a bit and if the trend continues we may end up with the Dems still in control.

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Didn’t you just say Californians were moving to Utah? LOL. No, I have to agree that some Utah drivers are really bad, especially when using their phones.

The reason people are upset with the housing prices is not really the price itself, but what is happening when someone sales their house. Let say you put up your house for say 400k. What is happening is many of these Californians are offering 10-15K above the asking price to make sure that they get the house.

Most Utahan’s do not make enough money to do that type of thing. My cousin looked for 6 months always be overbid by someone else. he finally found someone who would sell to him the asking price. The other issue with the housing market is the artificial inflation of house price, which hits you again in property taxes. My property taxes went up $900.00 in a single year because they believe my house has doubled in value. That hurts me, because I really don’t make enough money to absorb the increase. It really hurts the Elderly or retired people when they are on a fixed income. County officials don’t care, they just want the money so they can do their pet projects.

I like Utah, that is why I never left when I had the chance to move for employment. It has it’s own unique issues just like other states. But it is pretty decent place to live.

Jim you mentioned the Biden horror show. It is the Democrat horror. I seriously doubt Biden has any control at all. I think he takes his marching orders from his party. There have been a number of instances when he has said something and within 24 hours has retracted what he said.

There was a time when Biden was considered a moderate and based on some of his past statements he probably was on some issues. Now he is lockstep with the far left of his party on nearly every issue.

relax, a tsunami is about to happen