I have to because I'm a fan

so what are the predictions for tonights game? In the worst way I want to see BYU compete and make a game of it, even if they lose, with Gonzaga. What are the chances that happens? I don’t think very good. At this point in the season I’m not sure what the problem is though I have some ideas.

I believe that everything starts with the defense. When BYU gives maximum effort on the defensive end of the floor, the results are positive and the offense flows better. When they play poor defense, as they did on Thursday, the offense doesn’t function well. The stats prove this and watching the game it is easy to see. There are some other issues, albeit less important but still there, that contribute to the losses as well. Free throw shooting, turnovers and poor three point shooting are some of those offensive aspects of losing. All are tied to poor defense, believe it or not. You just can’t give up easy baskets, leave opponents wide open, and other things defensively and expect to win.

Having said that, I just don’t feel confident that BYU can do what needs to be done to have a chance against Gonzaga. If anyone has something hopeful or encouraging to say, let’s hear it. My final score prediction would be -

BYU - 65
Gonzaga - 87

I think the game will be closer just because Gonzaga has been struggling, and at home struggling against WCC teams. They are offensively challenged as BYU has as well.

Gonzaga has not been themselves from long range all season long so that is the stat I would be looking at. If they hit long shots, Blow out, if not, Gonzaga grinds out a win of 80-72.

This is a crazy team. Whenever I count them out, they do something to surprise me. So I’m at a conumdrum. I hope for the best but I think they’ll lose. If I pick them to win, they’ll lose. But if I pick them to lose, they’ll win. So I’m with Chris. BYU will lose by over 20 points…but don’t bet on it.

Well, if GU has been struggling long range this season, BYU usually provides the cure.
I think a 20 point GU win. They are always up to play BYU. Let’s go 97-77. GU will be HOT!

The officials helped a very poor effort by Gonzaga by providing them with 32 free throw attempts.

Why do the officials do this kind of stuff?

Serious question here. Please provide me with a serious, legitimate answer if you can.

Actually, 34 FT attempts with 26 made. BYU 11-12. Imagine if we were afforded 34 attempts.