I hear there is a basketball game tonight

Anyone interested? I’m hoping BYU will win and start off the season with a blowout of Pacific.

A blowout would be great but any conference win on the road is good.

That’s for sure. I just hope we improve from the last game and keep doing so. And, be ready for St. Mary’s and Gonzaga to take them down!

Still have the turnover bug.

We will win this game. But the turnovers! Against the better teams Turnovers will kill any chance of winning.

yes but this was a game won because the other team played so badly…even worse than the cougars

Why can’t Pope get his team to play at a consistent level?
badly against teams playing badly
good against teams playing well
but never consistent so it makes it hard to improve

With half the turnovers we win by 35 on the road. Good start to league season. Glad to have Johnson back.

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