I hope BYU can get their offense going

because the Portland defense is shutting them down. This is some kind of defensive gameplan the Pilots have come up with to keep the Cougars in check. BYU only has 53 points at halftime and lead by 20. Let’s hope they can make some halftime adjustments and get a win.

Unfortunately Portland won the second half.

If BYU plays against Gonzaga the way they did the second half it will be a long Saturday night again…

Unfortunately we didn’t play much defense in the second half and we missed some layups again. Two in the first part of the second half. Saturday, we have to play 40 minutes, not 20.

BYU will not will a WCC Championship until they get dominant post play to compliment the outside shooting. Think of Gonzaga, Utah, and others who own the boards and scoring in games this year. We spend so much time finding shots from the 3 point line that on some days we look great and other time we look like we couldn’t find the basket. I sometime wonder why Mark Few and Utah coach (?) get they outstanding Post Players. Gonzaga will have two monster in the middle when we play them next year. I know they recruit outside outside the USA, but come on. I know we will get some good players coming back from missions in Mitka and Dalton,and Kafusi and Davis had their moments and will improve… but we have got to get a lot better. Utah has gone from a single digit wins to being ranked highly in just a couple of years. They found good post players quickly. We will make the NCAA when we find a player like we had in Davis and Arujo, Cosic and Kite. Hoping we can find that great center soon.

BYU outrebounded Gonzaga in both regular season games this year…

Not when their post player is not in foul trouble and next year when they have two Bigs!

Also we will face Utah’s Soph Poetl which has dominated the PAC12.

I thought kryscowhack cancelled the game(s) with BYU in the future…

We are so lucky!

Mika will play center and he will dominate.

Yeah… until they play Gonzaga in a meaningful game and he gets into foul trouble early.

Remember I said it here when it happens next season.

Unless Sabonis gets in foul trouble too. If he even stays in college.

Mika is listed by Coach Rose as a forward. And before his mission played more time at forward than at center. Austin played the majority of the minutes at center that year…

With Hamson and Kaufusi as legit centers and Mika coming off his mission Hamson and Kaufusi are likely to fill the center minutes…

We have a gluten at forward and guard. I suspect the starters will be the most talented that also have worked the hardest. Therefore, starting lineup may be Mika, Davis, Emery, Haws and either another small forward or another guard. And, with excellent subs.

Sounds like a great lineup for NEXT YEAR. I’m confident they can finish second or third and will lose to Gonzaga in the wcc tournament, thus assuring themselves of a NIT bid and another “wait till next year” round of posts…

Blah, Blah, Blah…I think we will dominate!!! Next year we win in the WCC finals!