I know this is not BYU, but this article about Coach Anderson

Is interesting to say the least.
Apparently Coach Anderson (USU, Wisconsin, Oregon State, USU) believes if I am not working, I am not taking the money…
At both Oregon State and Utah State (last stint) he sign an agreement obsolving the school from paying his remaining money (There were years he still had on the contract).

Gary Andersen never chose the easy way - Deseret News

I always like Coach Anderson, but this puts him a bit higher on my scale. Wonder if Kalani could talk him into becoming the DC at BYU?

I don’t want him around BYU…Didn’t recruit well, seems burnt out to me…just my opinion.

Could he be worst than our current DC?

Also, I think there was some shady things going on at USU Athletic Department, from what I am hearing. the kids loved Anderson, but I think the higher ups wanted a change.

you’ve got me there. Bring him in. hahaha

This may be an unpopular post, but what the heck–this IS an opinion forum, after all. My recollection here in Oregon is that at OSU Anderson left a scorched earth of players who didn’t want to play for him, assistant coaches (who I would think HE hired) who hated him, and local media and fans roasting him for the dumpster fire he left behind. I don’t buy the whole “mutual parting of the ways” for a second. The whole thing in Corvallis was 100% toxic. Looking at his record it appears he had one great year at USU (thank you Chuckie Keaton–you were a great one–until KVN pick sixed you on the first play of the game HAHAHAHAHAHAHA); then he took over a powerhouse Wisc program that had averaged 10 wins per year the previous 4 years but got run outta town in a hurry; then he goes to OSU…

OSU is viewed as a bad program but that’s really only because the Ducks are so good. Before Anderson got to Corvallis, Mike Riley had averaged 7 wins per year for 12 years (with four 9+ win seasons), and was very popular with players, fans and media. I think Riley quit because he was finally just tired of some fans’ and boosters’ completely delusional belief that the Beavers should be as good as the Ducks every year (money talks, and OSU just didn’t have it, and UofO could light it on fire just to watch it burn and have loads more). OSU was actually a decent program, but Anderson burned it to the ground in less than a year and a half. I for one don’t want him anywhere NEAR BYU’s football program.

Thanks Tom for the perspective, I didn’t know the stuff about OSU.

I know the stuff at USU, that he was good at what he did.

Mike Riley’s resurrection of OSU was monumental-I hated to see him leave. OSU hadn’t been prominent since the days of Terry Baker. Hopefully, now, they are on the way back

I like what Jonathan Smith is doing there as coach. I loved him as a quarterback, but think he will be even better as a coach. I hope OSU can keep him.

One of my former players (Junior Walling) signed with the Beavers last year. I am close with Junior and his dad, who was one of my assistant coaches (and also a former scholarship lineman with the Beavers). Junior had LOTS of offers, and I watched the entire process unfold. I walked away very impressed with Coach Smith and the job he is doing; it’s shocking to see the damage Anderson did in such a short amount of time after Riley left a VERY stable program behind, but Smith seems to be the kind of guy who will be able to earn back the trust of the Beaver fans. It will be fun for me to follow the Beavers and root for Junior’s success. Also I am SOOOO glad he listened to me and didn’t sign with Utah, which was one of his finalists, because then I would have had to root for them!! :slight_smile:

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OK, Keep him out, HAHAHAHA

I’m easy

Well they beat Oregon this year so that’s a step in the right direction

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