I know this is not football

But does anyone know if ESPn picks up BYU Baseball games or is there some other way to watch the games (for someone who does not have cable)?

I love watching baseball, but for some reason, I can never find them on TV. Help would be appreicated.

Why don’t you go back into umpiring and then you can watch from the field :slight_smile:

Yes, there are some games on BYUTV or BYUTV.org

Thanks, it seems that I look and can never find them. Do you know if BYUTV does “on Demand” of past games?

I have umpired a few of the BYU Utah Players youth games… It nice to see some of them moving on to the next levels.

I believe they do have archived games in the major sports

Thanks for letting me know,

Baseball is my second favorite sport to watch and I really like what Coach Littlewood has done with the program.