I love this new coaching staff

While I didn’t agree with their decisions and coaching style or play calling all the time, I KNOW that the previous coaching staff at BYU was successful in many different ways. I KNOW most of the players loved the coaches and had nothing but good things to say about them. I KNOW for a fact that at the judgement seat nobody will ask us how successful we were at playing a sport or winning a football championship. I KNOW that character, integrity and loving God and your fellow man or more important things. I KNOW these things and I can say it with 100% conviction.

I KNOW that I have high hopes for the new coaching staff and I THINK they will do a good job. I KNOW that the current staff has not proven one thing so far. I KNOW they haven’t won a single football game yet. I KNOW they haven’t graduated a single player yet. I KNOW all of these things are factual.

I also KNOW that you want to see the BYU football team be successful and you WANT football to be the top priority at BYU.

I HOPE you get what you want.

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Like Bronco, I know that you are a very wonderful person. I don’t think that you completely understand that which I am trying to convey.

" I also KNOW that you want to see the BYU football team be successful and you WANT football to be the top priority at BYU. I HOPE you get what you want".

Nobody understands more than I do that God, Church, Family, Education is more important than football. I may not be 100% sure that fireside chats for all people are more important than BYU Cougar Football.

When I go to Church, and listen to stories about the trinity, I want the speakers, and the teacher’s to be well prepared.
While preparing their talks, their lessons, I want that preparation to be #1 importance to them while preparing. Do I want that preparation to be more important than the Trinity? Of course not. I am certain that you are intelligent enough to figure
out what I am saying.

When a painter paints the inside and/or the outside of my house, I want him/her to have total concentration on the job I hire him/her to do. Does that mean that she should never think about the Trinity? Of course not. Does it mean that painting should be more important the the TRINITY? Of course not. Again, I believe that you are an intelligent person and being as intelligent as I believe that you are, I am sure that you can figure out what I am trying to convey.

By the same token, I want our Coaching staff to coach football in the exact same way that this current football staff is coaching where football recruiting, football teaching, football coaching and strategies are more important than cute slogans. So do I think that Bronco is more religious than the current staff. Heck no. Do I think that Bronco loves the Trinity more than the current staff? Absolutely not.

I think that this staff believes that each person should do the job they are assigned to do in the very best manner that they
can. Sunday Schools teachers should put totally effort in preparing for their lessons. The Sunday School Teachers, the Bishops, Stake Presidents, General Authorities, and the 2 !/2 minutes speakers should spend all the time preparing for their lessons in order to give the best understanding of the gospel that they can. I think that the football coaches, basketball coaches ,Baseball, Volleyball, Rugby, Gymnastic coaches all the other coaches, be in dance, public speaking o what ever, need to concentrate on their assigned jobs. Does that mean that their assigned jobs is more important than the Trinity? Of course not.

In summary: Do you remember the scripture, “Those that pray in public shall be rewarded by that public while those that pray in the closet shall be rewarded by me, so sayet the Lord?”

The one thing I think bronco did wrong was to make the Coaches office basically off limits to the players…

With Sitake, he wants to bring back the “family” feeling of the football team that Lavell had…

Most of the players have noticed the change and have said that they appreciate the atmosphere at BYU now…

Bronco had a tough job, he had mandates from the BOT and demands from the fans to deal with (Sometimes those two things conflicted).

So I won’t bash Bronco on his style, just his choices for assistant coaches… :O)

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I agree Floyd.

and can somebody tell me when we started using the term “trinity” in the church? I thought that referred to a 3 in 1 godhead…

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I use it as God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit, perhaps one in spirit, but three distinct personages.
Sorry about the semantics.

This is a place to cuss, discuss, and analyze sports. Do we really need to get into deciding what people can or cannot say about current or previous coaching staff? Where was that in the user agreement? This is supposed to be a place where we can express our thoughts on BYU sports whether they are well ground, trial balloons or thinking out loud. Do we now need to set up “safe zones” or disallowed topic areas?

Let me just mix it up a bit:

Jake Heaps - wanted to love him but he under performed and fled. I say it is mostly his issue and not the coaches lack of kid gloves handling in my opinion.

Bronco - Did many good things. Built a solid foundation. Could not accomplish what he said. Wonderful guy. Hard to understand his assistant coaching choices much of the time. Made some real bone headed coaching moves in my opinion.

RA - Had some great moments and at times things clicked. Struggled to adapt. Much offense was left on the table in my opinion.

Nelson - Gave all he had to give. Sometimes did great but few seem to remember those times. Sometimes he was not good. Should have benched himself when he was hurting the team. If Jake was able to man up and fix his psyche then perhaps we would not have had the Nelson years, in my opinion. But Jake ran…did I mention that?

All the amazing, best ever, QBs that didn’t play - Not convinced they were the best ever. Don’t know why they did not inspire the coaches in practice but don’t believe it was conspiracy and hate. Didn’t see much from them in games. Lark looked like he could have been very good with seasoning but was not impressed with his last game. Didn’t see anything special in my opinion.

OK, criticize and censor away!

RA drove all of us nuts with his GFGH philosophy. His middle dives (lame) He also did away with the TEnd to everyone’s chagrin.
to his credit, BYU was 94% in the blue zone his last year…#1 in the nation.

All of the national sports hubs have BYU as having a losing season or barely 500. Put me squarely in the “BYU will be good this year” category with at the most 3 or 4 loses. I love our senior QB, both our QBs actually. I see savvy smart coaches on both sides of the ball with plenty of game day talent. If anything, I think the other teams have to worry about a unpredictable BYU team that catches them by surprise.

A couple of interesting points that need to be made here -

  1. Back in 2013, SUU quarterback Brad Sorensen was drafted in the seventh round of the draft by the San Diego Chargers. Sorensen transferred to SUU from BYU to get more playing time given that he was buried behind Jake Heaps and Riley Nelson on the Cougars depth chart.

  2. This season Ammon Olsen, another SUU quarterback who arrived in Cedar City via BYU (although he did attend SUU as a freshman before coming to the Y) in hope of getting more playing time, has a chance to be drafted. Olsen was invited to and played in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl and is consider by some as one of the more underrated quarterbacks in this year’s class.

The most hilarious part of this was the take on Brad Sorensen, who was actually drafted - “he was buried behind Jake Heaps and Riley Nelson on the Cougars depth chart”.

In my ever so humble opinion, if a guy like Brad Sorensen who is a nfl caliber quarterback, is BURIED in the depth chart behind two very average QB’s in Heaps (had potential but never materialized) and Nelson (who had a very low ceiling) then there was something very wrong with the approach of the head coach and offensive coordinator. On this note alone, I am not so sad that the coaching staff is gone.

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something we will never understand…Why Lark and Sorensen were never even looked at here at BYU.

To me, it is a clear sign that Bronco had to go or is it Anae? I would say that when Sitake says that he will find and play the best 11 athletes, he may be underlining the fact that Bronco sure messed up on some very good QBs.

In the same breath, you have to allow QBs enough freedom to make mistakes without having to look over their shoulders.

You mean Lark and Mums (sp?)
And you wonder why Ty Detmer kept saying not now I am happy here in Texas. He may have saw what he thought of BM and RA.

I am really glad for the change.

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Heaps was a bust and Riley was hot and cold. Don’t know why the other QBs didn’t win more looks in practice and perhaps earn some game time. Lark got some game time and looked like he could have been good but I don’t recall his performances being particularly good. You could see promise in him. Then again we saw promise in Heaps.

Would have liked to see the other guys, especially during the Riley experiment. Again, don’t know why we didn’t. Some of them as Jimmer Hawk has pointed out have gone on to some greater success which tells us they could have been better than at the Riley experiment.

Like other’s have expressed, glad the coaches have been “refreshed.” Ty is a sharp guy. Makes more sense why he is back now rather than earlier. Having Cahoon back is awesome. Sitake brings a great vibe and a willingness to learn. Got to love that.

The lack of the Tight End…wow, that is something I did not understand. Recall that the TE was about the only thing that brought us back in the UCF game in FL. Then of course we abandoned it in order to loose. Looking forward to the TE play again.

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Another reply to grass hopper regarding morality:

Sataki said it exactly like I feel it. He is a deeply religious man and knows all about morality but his words, as exact as I can remember them are this:

" I am not the teams elder, or bishop, or what ever. " “I am the teams coach”.

I love it and this has been my feeling for the past 11 years. I wanted our HC to coach to have footballl important to him. Instead, I saw a HC that would rather act like our Elder, or Bishop or what ever.

He spent more time proving to us before important games that football was not all that important. He took a family outing during a bye week instead of preparing to play vs. Utah which we were favored by 7 but instead, lost by 7. He would rather give the time off for rest and relaxation and use only 7 of 21 days allowed to practice for the Bowl game vs Cal which we were favored to win by 7 but lost instead. Cal took all 21 days to practice to play us.

Our old HC was more interested in letting the world know how religious and good he was than he was interested in bringing our team a win. That’s my opinion based on 11 years of observation of the old HC. I will be forever grateful to Va. U.

People brag about the good shape he left us in. I disagree. He scheduled 6 patsy teams on each Independent schedule with an average SOS around 100 as a guarantee to put a winning schedule and a meaningless Bowl game on his resumé.

To me, this is not leaving us in a good position, but instead, holding us back from true honest earned achievement.

How did BM show people how he was religious? Not practicing has nothing to do with Eternal Life. You do know head coaches must be Temple Recommend holders. Why do you suppose that is?

Q. How did BM show people how he was religious?
A. He made it very clear, (Unnecessarily, in my opinion) that football was around #5 in importance behind
God, Church, Education, Family, and maybe even after Fireside Chats. He was alway coming up with cute slogans, (Honor, Loyality, etc) He was lecturing to coaches of this nation and to the coaches where he served his foreign mission about Morality as it applles to football, not running up the score etc.
Lots more etc.

We all know that, but Bronco had the need to be the example and teacher to tell us that.

Q. Not practicing has nothing to do with Eternal Life.
A. Are you sure. (Sunday) etc.

Q. You do know head coaches must be Temple Recommend holders.
A. of course. I started the Y during shcool year 1953-54

Q. Why do you suppose that is?
A. I believe that Sataki is a very religious man, and I know that he is Temple worthy.
His words this past week was this:
“I am not the teams Elder, or Bishop, or what ever. I am the teams coach and that is what I
intendto do.----Coach”

I like that approach to being a head coach.

Do you feel that Sataki is less of a good LDS because he believes that coaching is his main job as
the HC at BYU?

Do you believe that BM approach is better then Sataki’s approach because MM preaches to the Urban Myers, the Nick Sabens, the Pete Caroll’s and the Petersons in college football that football is just a game and that it is immoral to run up the score because these are just kids. Next, in our own stadium, we beat the proud Pac 12, proud UCLA 59-0. What about these kids. Next we go on to beat FCS team 70-0.
what about these kids.

I think that BM means well but is still very immature and has a special need to be recognized for being more spirtual than the rest of us.

I think that Sataki is much more mature and gives us credit of knowing what the Gospel teaches without him telling us. I like his approach that he is not the Elder or the Bishop or what ever. He is indeed the head coach. And that is what he will do. He will coach. I like that,

Wow! These are all such bad things to do in a world of wickedness and idol worshipping. BM doing as the scriptures teach is bad?
Perhaps the way Sataki will do the same things just won’t be out in the open as much. But, regardless of being a coach, he has the same priorities as does BM.

I agree that not practicing before games enough is a bad idea. But, that isn’t because of trying to be a faithful member of the Church. That had nothing to do with it.

And, Sataki will not practice on Sunday’s.


"I agree that not practicing before games enough is a bad idea. But, that isn’t because of trying to be a faithful member of the Church. That had nothing to do with it.

“And, Sataki will not practice on Sunday’s.”

What is in your head??? Who ever, ever, ever mentioned on this board anhything about playing or practicing on Sunday as being considered? What are you doing.

As far as taking a family outing on the bye week before playing the Utah game that we were favored to win by 7, but instead lost by seven, was at least in part, to back up all that he has continually been saying that
"Football is not all that important in the Theme of things. Moist important being God, Church, Education,

Family, and maybe after fireside chats, football might be next. He was backing up those words by publizing that just before the big rivarly game vs. Utah, He was taking a family outting.

BYU Football deserves better than that. Sorry, but that is my opinion. I respect your opposite opinion coming from you. Please respect my perception also. Neither of us, you nor I, am qualified to tell the other
which opinion, yours or mine is right or wrong.

There is always a natural tendency to think the current program is better than the last. We are always optimistic that the program keeps taking steps forward. I was appreciative of many of the things Bronco did. I think he is an outstanding defensive coach and good motivator in the sense that his players played very hard for him. I like how he instituted the fireside program and that he was able to touch the lives of certain players. Bronco, in my opinion, was like a CEO. He was very efficient with his time and he knew the value of time. He wanted time with his family so he needed to be focused when he was at the office. I doubt that he was ever caught “chewing the fat” around the water cooler with fans or assistant coaches. Because he was so focused and guarded with his time, he didn’t endear himself to fans like Edwards did or even Sitaki so far. Bronco has different skills and strengths compared to Sitake. I think we can cheer for Sitake without diminishing the contribution Bronco had on the program.

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Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate your love and your support for the outgoing coach as it reminds me of the love and support that I have for our new coach and his staff.

I agree with all the good that you say about Bronco. I agree with your statement,
“he didn’t endear himself to fans like Edwards did or even Sitaki so far.”

I Agree with your statement: " Bronco has different skills and strengths compared to Sitake".
and I would also say the same thing in an opposite manner: “Sitake has different skills and strengths compared to Bronco”

I see Bronco’s greatest strengths as a DC and promoter of the Church and Church values, however, I also believe that his approached, among those especially outside the Church, backfired on him and promoted more hate on the internet than I have ever known before.

We have been labled as the most arrogant, the biggest hypocrites, the most pompas, etc. etc, etc. I do believe that Bronco intentially brought most of that on us along with his followers that adopted this attitude that it is up to us to teach the coaches of other teams, the other teams themselves, and the fans of other teams what is moral and what is not.

If you wonder where i am coming from, sign onto Discus now. Not tomorrow, but now.

In comparison, Satake says, I am not the teams Elder. I am not their Bishop. I am not their (what ever).
I am their coach. That is what I am going to do. I am going to coach. I like that.

Most football fans, inside and outside of our own program will like that. We will be criticised, yes, far far less often and with much less hate than before because Satake is not setting himself up as the moral leader for all others to follow.

Withing the Church, Bronco may be the better for his approach. Outside the Church, the other 300 million would give the first place to Satake for not setting himself up for failure. That’s my opinion, and as different as it may seem, I also respect your opinion.

BYU was known as arrogant hypocrites back in the 8o’s and Bronco wasn’t here then so don’t blame him.

I think Bronco was always a little guarded on socializing because he was awkward socially. When he tried to loosen up a bit, it came across un-natural and forced. That’s not a criticism, just a characterization. Not many people are as natural with the public as Sitake and Edwards. I credit Bronco for trying but I think he would readily admit it was one of his weaknesses. I give Bronco credit for doing his job the best he knew how. I am sure the first mandate he got was to clean-up a scandal ridden program and make the team exemplary of what the Church stands for. Some think he may have taken that a little too far but he did the best he could to meet the mandate of BYU administrators. He tried to get better at things but he also followed Lavell’s advice to try to be himself and not someone else. I am sure that in ten years we’ll find plenty of ways that Sitake can improve. Coaches need a thick skin because no matter what, every coach will have their detractors. I remember when Lavell took callers’ comments after games. Even he had his detractors.