I’m stunned with the silence after a big win

Where are all the fans, pro, con, naysayers?
BYU went up on some of the metrics and down one on the AP Poll to #22.

Talking BYU sports now a days, is like talking “Politics”, it is a no-win situation for either side.

People can’t post their opinions without being demeaned or attacked or simply being told they “Don’t get it”.
It is one of the problems with our country right now, no one understands the value of “validating” another person viewpoint. To validate, does not mean you agree with it, just that the person has the right to have the opinion.

I have seen this behavior creeping in all aspects of our lives, Politics, neighborhoods, race and more importantly the faith of which I belong.

It is no longer being about being able to communicate, persuade and coming to a common solution, but more like the person having a need to prove they are “Right”.

I have fallen into the trap myself, and therefore the reason I do not post much lately.

Food for thought:
A lesson I taught my kids while they were growing up was “It is more important to do what is right, than to be right”.

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You are correct in what you say. I think we’ve always had this. It’s just that because of the huge expansion of social media there’s a million more chances of this going on. The intensity is greater. We don’t communicate face to face. The technology makes it easy to respond without real consequences.

I also feel that people these days seem to be less tough inside. They are unable to take responses that they don’t agree to. Get defensive quickly. We are a soft society brought on by the woke concepts of if it feels good then do it. Right and wrong don’t exist. Or, everybody gets a trophy or ribbon. Let’s not give a reason to do better next time. Let all basketball teams be in the NCAA tournament.

Anyways, BYU played a really great game. Houston barely beat Texas in overtime. We just need to eliminate the dumb turnovers like the one Johnson did. The reverse dribble right to the Texas player. Right out of a movie.

Did you see the football schedule that came out for next year (2024)?

Interesting that Utah is the 3rd to last game.

I guess the league doesn’t see the concept of last game rivalries.

Haven’t responded much because still mourning from Lions losing. I wish I could give you all a sense of the utter sadness and devastation of this loss on the city/SE Michigan
I worked in Detroit for 5 years not long ago and nearly every Monday morning all my coworkers would come in down with a “well, the Lions found another way to lose”. all the mistakes and unlucky plays Sunday just brought it all back for the entire fandom.
Even my daughter who couldn’t care less about sports was at Ford field with tens of thousands of others excited as never before. Maybe it shouldn’t be so important and they should “just get over it” but Detroit is a great city and unfortunately has been on receiving end of national derision for decades and the Lions have been emblematic of that “Detroit sucks”.
This one hurts.

I root for the Bears, then Dallas and then San Fransisco. But, had Detroit won I would have been happy for them. Never been to the Super Bowl. So, I think all you Detroit fans should be really happy about this year and the direction of the team. That’s how I feel about BYU in both football and basketball.

Appreciate that sentiment.
Was a Cowboy fan when I lived in Texas, Bears when in Chicago, Colts in Indy and Lions while working in Detroit. Local coverage was prominent, so followed and was a fan. BUT have always been a 49er fan for 60 years.
Before Steve Young. Before Montana.
All the way back to when John Brody was the quarterback. He was my football hero at the time. How’s that for dating myself!

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I was a Bears fan starting in 1960 when I was 10 years old. In 1963 when they won the NFL title (pre
Super Bowl era) they had one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, maybe even better than the 85 defense. Mike Ditka played on that team and he was the first great modern tight end. Of course he coached the 85 team. Don’t care about the bears anymore. Moved to Texas in 77. I was somewhat a Cowboys fans until Jerry Jones bought the team. I remember when he wanted the famous Cowboy cheerleaders to wear sexier outfits and they bucked him on it. I could never be a fan of a team whose owner was a good friend of Bill Clinton.

Well there’s a dated rant from the past really dating me. I have lived and died with the Cougars since 60. This team could be among the better BYU teams I can remember. We will see how they end up. They have certainly exceeded my expectations, so far, based on what they did last year in the WCC. I didn’t think they would win more than 15 or 16 games the whole season. I was hoping they would win enough to make the NIT. The only disappointments so far have been losing to Utah and the home loss to Cincinnati. The Big 8 is so good I don’t dare predict what will happen in any game. I hope they will continue to play the way they did against Texas taking it inside when the 3 is taken away.

Wasn’t Butkus on that team as well? Loved him on Defense, remember him saying he like tackling because he could hear the bones crunch, One of the all-time best Linebacker’s.

Butkus and Ditka played together a few years but Butkus and Sayers were rookies in 65 and missed the 63 championship by a few years. I think Butkus is one of the all time best middle linebackers. The MLB in 63 was a guy named Bill George who according to legend played middle guard in a 5 man front with 5 down linemen. Sometime in the early 50s he started playing off the line of scrimmage in passing situations and is given credit by some to have invented the middle linebacker position. After awhile the Bears started using him exclusively as a middle linebacker and the concept caught on league wide to the point that nobody was using a middle guard anymore except in short yardage situations. Butkus replaced a legendary all time great and later on Mike Singletary came along and then Brian Urlacher. The Bears almost always seem to have an all time great middle linebacker.

In the early sixties in Utah KSL TV, the CBS affiliate, broadcast Bears games nearly every Sunday and I became a big Bears fan.