I thought Matthew McConaughey was spot on

Matthew McConaughey pleads for responsible gun ownership in emotional White House press briefing | Fox News

There are some common ground that can help protect our schools and children.

Raise the age for purchasing AR15’s to 21.
Red flag laws - as well as punishing those that abuse this law.
More Mental Health funding.

Interesting fact that everyone of FoxNews who spoke about Mathew McConaughey speech agreed with him, including Judge Jeanine Pirro.

It’s going to take more than that. That’s one side of a multi-facet challenge. DA’s are going to have to go back to locking up the criminals and the insane in mental hospitals. Police are in need of help with manpower and weapons to be prepared in gun battles. Biden keeps stopping police from having military gear and that makes it easier for criminals and the insane.
Time for religious organizations to do more with strengthening the youth against insane wokeism. Teach morals and train parents to do the same. Get back to encouraging the traditional family with a father in the home. Kids need stability to protect their brains from deformities.

sure feels like Matt is getting ready to run for office.

Agreed, especially in California where I hear there are recalls going on.

Agreed, the fact that police are now looked as the “Enemy”

The fact that there are some in the Republican party that will fight anything against gun legislation. Then on the left, they are not satisficed until all guns are gone.

The fact is that most on the left will not accept is that there are 200 gun restriction laws on the Federal/State levels. Of which, very few are enforced on any level (some of it because as you said, liberal DA’s).

On a Fox News show he says he is not at this time. This problem has hit too close to home for him.

His views are very practical and watch all the extremes of the both parties goes banana’s

Ya, you act as if both parties have gone bananas equally. Not yet. Democrats, yes. Republicans, no. Still mostly conservative with family values and attempting to restrict the government.

That’s kind of it. The Bill of Rights are to restrict the Government, not the people from arming themselves.

No body in this country needs an AR15 except police and the military.

I thought you would know an AR-15 is nothing more than a .22 rifle. See, this is why we need to protect the 2nd Amendment from people like Joy Beihart and Texcoug 1492.

The only person that would make this type of comment is a person that has a no clue about guns.

After Colt’s patents expired in 1977, other manufacturers began to copy the design of the Colt AR-15. The term “AR-15” is a Colt registered trademark which it uses only to refer to its line of semi-automatic rifles. Other manufacturers marketed generic AR-15s under other designations, frequently referred to as AR-15s, as are some rifles and carbines not based on the AR-15 design.

AR-15 style rifles are available in a wide range of configurations and calibers from a large number of manufacturers. These configurations range from standard full-size rifles with 20-inch barrels, to short carbine-length models with 16-inch barrels, adjustable length stocks and optical sights, to long range target models with 24-inch barrels, bipods and high-powered scopes. These rifles may also have [short-stroke gas piston system] forgoing the direct gas system standard in AR-15 rifles. These calibers include the [5.56×45mm NATO]

Typically, AR-15 rifles are loaded with .223 Remington cartridges, which are housed in bullets with a diameter of 5.7 millimeters. So a round fired correctly from a functioning AR-15 should create an entrance wound (or target practice marking) just under a quarter-inch in diameter. The high velocity is a major reason why rifles such as the AR-15 can wreak such catastrophic damage to internal organs, and cause fatal bleeding.

This damage is a lot worse than a 22, Scott!

While I do not believe AR-15 are any worse gun than any other gun, I believe that people under the age of 21 should not be purchasing them (much like the restriction on hand guns). This restriction does not impede anyone 2nd amendment right per SCOTUS. That people who purchases any guns should have them secured in a gun vault that their kids have no access too.

I also believe people who uses guns in the act of committing a crime should be severely punished.

It’s interesting that we want 18 year olds to sign up for the military and be ready to fire fully automatic machine guns and kill people but not let law abiding young people at 18 own semi-automatic .22 rifles. Out of the tens of millions of 18 year olds who will never go postal in a school, we restrict them because of one or two here or there. Yet, there is no cry by liberals about the mass shootings in the ghettos of our large cities when it’s black in black murders.

When we take a look at mass killings prior to a couple of decades ago when guns began to be the tool of mass killings, other devices were used including bombs and deadly gases. You don’t think these deranged persons won’t go back to these tools of death if AR-15s are restricted. Nor, will they be able to get a hold of these guns anyway?

We are looking at the wrong ways of protecting our schools. We might look at what Israel does and fortify the schools and arm the teachers and/or have more armed security at all schools. We spend tens of billions on waste every year. So, why not fix the schools and stop with this idiotic idea of gun free zones. Times have changed and we should protect more.

Aside from that, the same damage with .22 rifles would occur as well. More fun restrictions is going down the rabbit hole for tyrant leftists in charge of our government today.

Thanks for watching far right wingnuts…

This is a myth that GOP hacks try to make.
In the military, the 18 year is not handed any weapon until he has proven efficiency with the use of that weapon. They train these young men in how to use the weapon, how to disassemble and put it back together. They teach them how use the weapon with all the safety rules… That is all before they give the 18 year old kid a bullet to put into the gun.

I am talking of months and months of EXTREME Training in firearms for each solider…

So your strawman comment about the military is a mute point. because the military trains these people far beyond anything in the private sector.

So you don’t like “putting more restriction” on gun rights… hmm, do you feel the same for mentally ill people? do they have a right as a US citizen to purchase any gun? Do you feel the same way for felons who are prohibited by law to own a gun? I mean they did their time after all, did they lose that right? What about members of Antifa? Do you feel they should not have restrictions as well?

Putting the AR15 on the list of weapons you can not purchase until 21 is not infringing on anyone’s rights. It is already the law for hand guns as well as certain other weapons.

This has to be the dumbest comment of yours of all time.

A 22 does not cause mass damage to a body like an AR15. I explained it very well in my post because of the velocity of the bullet, the grains within the bullet causes mass damage. A 22 does not have the velocity or the power to cause mass damage.

As for school safety, yea I think they are looking in the wrong places to find answers. As a husband of a school teacher, I know the security is not the best. Not sure arming teachers is the answer either because there have been cases of accidently discharging weapons by teachers (one shot herself while using the bathroom). I think if school personnel was carrying that they would be given advanced training on how to use the gun, safety measures, and more importantly, what to do and not do in this type of situation.

I also like the idea of a school resource person that is police certified at EVERY SCHOOL!

BTW, many in the NRA are supportive of these mild restrictions as well as many law abiding gun owners of which I am one.

Typical liberal leftwing crap I read on political forums. The idea teaching a deranged 18 year old how to use the gun to its greatest efficiency would somehow help the situation. That learning more about gun safety is going to help an 18 year olds mental instability and will deter him from carrying out his deranged actions is completely illogical. Oh, let’s help a killer be more proficient with his weapons. Ya, that will help.

Why did you run immediately to left-right thing? Has nothing to do with this other than the fact the Right actually use logic and reasoning as where the Left do and say everything based on emotions and secular ideology. After we understand these points I’ve made the idea an 18 year old in the military can have and use fully automatic machine guns and other deadly weapons is a reason for 18 year olds owning semi-automatic weapons too.

And go ahead and keep thinking an AR-15 is way different than a .22 hunting semi-automatic hunting rifle. Keep listening to leftwing think tanks on the subject. .22 rifles kill just as easily as AR-15s. Banning them won’t stop killers from getting them including thinking locking them up will prevent them. They will just get more creative in getting them. Take trips to Mexico and cross easily back into the U.S.

Stopping mass killings and mass shootings isn’t the same anyways. Like I said before, these killers will use other methods. And some ways even fortifying schools won’t stop. When gun control people start talking, they do so because they have nothing else to try and stop mass killings. It plays into their climate change people overpopulation ideologies that require top down tyranny of government. And we know it’s coming. I’d rather have a citizenry weaponized with AR15s and AK-47s than single shot pistols when it’s time to overthrow the tyranny, if it can be done. The founders weren’t thinking about hunting when they wrote the 2nd amendment.

By the way, did you hear Justin Trudeau in Canada? Neighbor to the North? He is exactly what our current Democrat Party leaders think and believe. He said people have a right to hunt with guns but not defend their lives with guns. Over 2 million people in the U.S. say they used a gun to defend themselves last year. And if you don’t think Democrats are coming for your guns, Beto O’Rorke says he is. And he’s not alone. You remind me of the frog boiling in the pot slowly.

Scott, your comments demonstrate what is really wrong in this country. People are unable to see any other view but their own and will vilify anyone who does not share that same view.

I presented actual factual information that can be verified by any non-bias websites. Especially the part about what the military does with young men and guns. I talked to several current and former military people to understand the process they put these young men and women through when it comes to guns.

The fact is, a kid like the shooter in Texas would never have been accepted into any military branch because he would have failed his psych exam. The Military is more selective in who they allow to join their branch of service.

But you are so wrapped up in your GOP extreme views, you cannot see the Tree through the forest.
You are no better than the far-left democrats who vilifies anyone who does not agree with their viewpoints. In fact, you are the opposite side of the same dam pot.

Now you can come on here and tell me all the BS your far-right people believe is the “Truth”, but at the end of the day, It doesn’t matter what you think of my comments or beliefs (which you really do not know in the first place).

WHY? because I do not care what you think of my viewpoint. I have been a lone wolf for so long, I really never followed the crowd in anything I do in my life. I respect that people sees things different than me and that is okay, because that is what they want to believe, I think differently, and I am okay with that.

I quit reading after your first stupid idiotic Democrat Party comment…