I thought we were going to be aggressive?

We are playing like we did the first game…

but we MAY have found a QB for next year.

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Oh, Canada!!

What year is he in?

He’s a junior.

From the minute Critchlow blew his redshirt, most football savvy people knew he should be starring at QB! Took Dehmer a month to figure it out!!

He looked good, didn’t he? UNLV’s defense was not very good, but I liked the way Critchlow could find the open receivers. He looked very comfortable in the pocket.

Detmer and Kilane gave Tanner Mangum more rope than he needed. I am sorry for the severe injury that Mangum received. But Critchow proved with one full game the he is far superior to any guy who played QB for BYU in 2017. With Critchlow in all the way against Fresno State and maybe even against East Carolina we might have won both games. Maybe even against Boise State.