Idle time before Big 12 football

I’m writing it here because Football is 3 months away, so bored… I’m talking about Trump and the next election cycle.

Never mind that Trump probably did more good over his 4 years than any president since Reagon.
1 He put an end to the terrorist jihad crap.
Shut down the Iranians with one single strategic bomb.
2 Got gas down to 2 bucks/gallon
3 Put China in it’s place both in trade and their world aggression.
4 Putin would have NEVER raided Ukraine with Trump in charge.

I will never vote for Trump again unless he was facing a derelict corrupt Biden in this next race. And I don’t think I would have to make that choice.
1 Trump is toxic, Dumps on his closest supporters if they don’t agree with him 100% of the time.
2 He is 100% responsible for the riot at the Capital. easily top 5 saddest moments in US history.
3 He is 100% unelectable. (well, 99% because you have the 1% chance of Biden winning the dem. nomination and Trump winning the Rep. side.

You win elections by winning over independents and the middle. Has nothing to do with your base, Why did the country elect Joe Biden, who most would say was showing signs of dementia even before the election? Answer: The Dems. knew that the far left crazies (Bernie, Warren, Budaguig, Harris) were unelectable, far too left special interest fobs. The only guy they could get behind was moderate Joe Biden, who as we see today is not calling any shots.

Runaway inflation brought on by a hate of all things oil and a crazy stay at home covid pandemic killing the economy has made it pretty well impossible for poor people to pay their bills or ever hope of getting into a home of their own. They is no way they are going to vote it this S–T Show for 4 more years…unless Trump is the nominee for republican. Would middle America go for Biden again? They sure would if Trump were the candidate.

Pray that I am right and that Republicans are far sighted enough to pass on Trump and support DeSantis with Nikki Haley as his VP.

The shape of our political parties is pretty bad. Both parties have stopped working for the American people and focus on the three big issues A) Power, B) Money C) Control.

That is why the biggest voting bloc in this country is “Independent” because people do not trust either party to do what is right.

In 2016, Trump won because he connected with the middle class and even the low-income class. He made promises to improve their lives. He represented the person who was not a establishment guy. Which the middle class which are mostly independent liked.

While in office, he did do a lot of good things, some of them you mentioned. Other that could be included is the pull back a federal regulation, Middle East peace accords (4 of them) putting in conservative SCOTUS judges.

What Trump also brought to the office is his combative nature. He fought with everyone and always pleaded as the victim (narcist behavior). The “show” was all about Trump, not the American people as he ran on.

In the 2020 election, Trump lost, not because of shady elections or evil people lurking in the dark. Yes, there were some interesting things going on, but in the end, the votes were never in doubt.
What Trump forget is that people, especially those in the middle class do not like combative people, nor do they like the side show Trump put on. But worse, the voters felt Trump had forgotten his promises to them.

I will never vote for Trump again. He has proven that he cannot be trusted that he lies to get what he wants.

I do not know that he was fully responsible for Jan 6th, because details have come out that the proud boys went there with intention of storming the capitol. What I do know, is Trump was slow to react, and very, very, very slow to condemn the rioters.

Huh? So, because the Proud Boys went to Washington to riot, it’s Trump’s fault? Is there anything that proves Trump called the Proud Boys to come and riot? If not, your logic is just more TDS.
Is there any proof that Trump called on 250,000 people to attend the rally? And, is it a crime to hold a rally? And, explain how Trump’s words “go and peaceably protest 3 times means go and break into the people’s house? Please explain.

Will I vote for Trump? If he wins the nomination for the Republican Party, yes. After seeing these 2 and a half years of Democrats ruining this Country, allowing for naked people twirking in front of children in gay pride events, allowing crime to get out of control, the boarder overrun with illegal aliens, fentanyl deaths skyrocketing, inflation and oil prices destroying our economy, Biden bribing and being bribed with our enemy nations including the newly discovered fascist Ukrainian government and a whole lot more, I will not vote for one Democrat.

Something to watch for is RFK Jr and his run for the Democrat Party nominee. If he doesn’t beat Biden, he may run as an independent. We might think of him as a Ross Perot type candidate thinking this will take votes away from Biden. It all depends on the brain power of Bush Republicans who think having Biden for 4 more years is better than 4 years of Trump. Anyone who thinks that, needs to have their heads examined.

Trump is far better than Biden and those behind Biden who are really making all the far left decisions.
What do you think about RFK Jr? I think if he can’t win the nomination with the Democrats he will run as an independent. He will take away votes. But, from who? Leaving the other party to win.

RJK is an intriguing candidate. Anyone but newsome would make a better Dem option.

Defending Trump at this point is a lost cause. As Floyd pointed out, While the Riot was not Trumps doing, it is how he handled it that cost him all of our confidence.

This post was not meant to debate Trump but WHO is electable and how do we get away from this current mess. If Biden runs and Harris is the VP, I could run with an orangutan and win but I don’t think moderates will vote for Trump, hence he is toast.

I think Trump will win the nomination. The reason is there is enough moderates for him after all this fiasco with Biden and the Democrats. I agree Trump will need to stay on target which should be the Democrats with Biden the Bullseye. I will probably be voting for DeSantis but he’s got to do something to spice up his personality a little bit.

Not his fault that they came, but it is his fault for the slow response he did to stop it. Pence, and other cabinet members told him to call in the National Guard to stop the rioting. He was slow to respond.

That is all on Trump.

Again, reading comprehension issues: I never said trump was responsible for what the proud boys did, what I did say was:
"I do not know that he (TRUMP) was fully responsible for Jan 6th, because details have come out that the proud boys went there with intention of storming the capitol. What I do know, is Trump was slow to react, and very, very, very slow to condemn the rioters."

Which is all true comments. What Trump is responsible was his actions AFTER the rioting started happening at the Captial buildings. He then after he did something, he never condemned the rioters until it became a political issue.

Hope not, there are better candidates that will do the same thing as Trump but is easier on the ears.

Not sure about that. All the others sound like politicians. Trump has a unique personality and sounds like a business owner rather than a politician. Are there better candidates, I like some of the others as well. Can they beat Biden? I don’t think so at this point. I just simply still believe most people in the Republican Party that isn’t a politician and one that doesn’t knuckle under to the Democrats and Wokesters.

DeSantis has proven that he does not do this as Governor.

I think if someone other than Trump wins the primary, and depending on Trump (does he go third party like Perrot did, years ago to split the GOP ticket), I think most people will learn towards the GOP is they do the following:

  1. Give a clear platform and FOCUS on those plans of what they will do, instead of trying to focus on what the democrats did or did not do.
    2.Connect with the middle class (which is mostly independents) with what matters to them.
  2. Focus on what is going on in the country (higher prices, inflation, world issues) and what they going to do to address the issues.

I watched a lot of the 2022 mid-term elections and some of the GOP candidates focused too much on who and what their opponents were, rather than focus on how they can improve the lives of the people.

FE: Not his fault that they came, but it is his fault for the slow response he did to stop it. Pence, and other cabinet members told him to call in the National Guard to stop the rioting. He was slow to respond. That is all on Trump.
SG: What response? How was he to respond by the time the people entered? Some entered because the police opened the doors for them. Others broke in. Which ones was he supposed to respond to and how would in the heck would he do that? Walk over and tell them? By the time he could have walked over, the whole thing would have been over. He was still President and the Secret Service would never have allowed that anyways. Did he have a Proud Boy’s phone number? Nope. I’m sure the underground tunnels were closed off as well to get over to Congress.

Oh, the National Guard. He told Pelosi before the event that she could NG there. 20,000 of them. As many as she wanted! She turned Trump down. And, Trump had no authority to call the Guard in. Pelosi had that job. Why didn’t she call them in? And, by the time the NG would have gotten there, the whole thing would have been over anyways. Pence knew that. Now he’s running for President. He’s not trustworthy anymore.

Honestly, I don’t care if Trump or anyone else condemns the actions of the Proud Boys. I don’t see any Democrats including Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Kamala who have ever condemned the rioters in Portland, Seattle or any other major city during the Summer of Love. Nor have they condemned the liars like Schiff and others about the Russia Hoax. And, regardless of whether Trump condemns the rioters (lousy word for what it was) already had been breached the House by the people. Too late. Pelosi should have had the National Guard there. She’s the one you all out to be condemning.

DeSantis is the best choice by far in either party. I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat. The Democrats have been a disaster the last 2 1/2 years on every single issue. Unfortunately Trump has this cult that won’t abandon him and it constitutes about 1/2 the Republican Party. Right now DeSantis is his only serious opposition in the party and Trump is outpolling him about 2 to 1. I don’t think Trump is electable in the general election but right now he would be the nominee. If everybody but the Trump cult got behind DeSantis he might get the nomination and he would be elected unless Trump went third party and then we get another 4 years of the Dems and then we are finished as a free Republic.

I don’t have much hope. One party is irredeemably immoral and the other one is gutless and politically stupid. It is a sad state of affairs.

I agree with your last paragraph. There is another option happening. That’s on the Democrat Party side. They have their version of Ross Perot, RFK. RFK is getting traction. If he can’t beat Biden, RFK may just run as an independent. Just think, we may have 4 major players in the election this year instead of just 2! That would make things interesting.
Let’s remember, the Democrat Party is a cult. A much larger cult than the one you refer to as the Trump cult. To break that up would help out Trump or Desantis.