If is hard to see Reno Mahe's family have to go throught this

One look at that cute little girl tells me that she kept the whole Mahe family smiling. My heart goes out to them. I thought about not posting this because it hurts so much but I think it might help to say something to the Mahes.
We are all family.

Sonny Mahe, “We feel peace and we are again so grateful for the privilege of being Elsie’s parents,” Sunny Mahe wrote. “She continues to sprinkle love and hope across the world and I am in awe of the Lord and His marvelous plan for my sweet girl.”

Absolutely devastating. I can’t imagine losing my little girl.

I don’t know the Mahe’s personally, but when I heard this story, I felt I needed to lend my voice to the prayers offered in their behalf. At a family prayer, I voiced a concern for the family, asking for their well-being and immediately felt a well of emotion overcome me. I wept like a baby there in front of my family, trying to have a prayer. I pray that they will be comforted and feel the love and concern that I and I’m sure thousands of others feel for them. What a beautiful example of faith and hope they have been through this tragedy. I am sure the sense of loss is profound, but they have managed to light the way for others who go through similar ordeals. May God bless and comfort them.

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Yes, I’m sure this is extremely difficult for them and in private their hearts probably ache. This would be very hard to deal with. They have dealt with the tragedy like hero’s. What great examples of christ-like people they are.

The sad part of a story like this is that I knew people who likened the grief and sadness of something like this to the way they felt when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

I’m not joking.

All of the sentiments posted above are heart felt, spiritual and respectful, except for Jim’s HRC defeat mourning by lefties, which I agree is most likely true, but… I fully understand what you meant Jim. Our family has been there when we lost a child years ago. But to this day our little son is there and is always a part of our family. The Mahe’s are great people and I share their pain. Fortunately, being active Church members helps people a lot dealing with this loss. I worked with bereaved parents for years after our loss and it helped me deal with my grieving process a whole lot. It beakens to the scripture …“that when you are in the service of your fellow man, you are in the service to your God.”
The Mahe’s exhibit their faith and love and togetherness as a great family under this tragedy.Bless them.

It’s been my experience in similar situations in my life that the parents of a deceased child often have the strength and insight to be able to console other family members and close friends . That seems opposite of what you would expect but It’s a testament to the comfort wrought by the spirit to those in most need.

Sorry about the HRC comment…

I thought my comments were respectful as well but I guess I blew it so I am sorry for that Bruce.

I sometimes do or say the wrong things and offend people. It happens a lot when you are called to be a bishop. :disappointed: