If you have any doubt that Byu is not swinging for the fences

  • Chris Burgess is coming back* Baby
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I like it!

Must have a couple of bigs on the fence…

Here is an article about it:

Chris Burgess’ journey to BYU – Deseret News

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then Dave McCann did a dumb article about 2 negatives equal a positive…geeeez

Love Dave as a color or radio guy but his writing is two degrees above ■■■■ Harmon’s sugary fluff pieces

Well, a Trump-Noem Presidency would be a positive over another Biden-Harris Presidency. :grin:

The only news that could be as good imo is if K.C. Beard was brought along too…Houston is great at developing talent and he has been a major part of it.

Isn’t Noem the governor with those puppy eyes? I think I read that somewhere.

Wait, my mistake. It was „puppy dies“:innocent:

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I’m sure Mitt Romney is okay with her too :thinking:
I’m sure if she didn’t put it in her book, that if she was Trump’s choice, the dirt finding media would have. With a Big Mac meal at $19, is the public still going to elect Joe and Camel again? Or, will they remember they elected dog eating Obama twice?