Ifs official. So excited

Sitaki is the new coach. He will bring the talent and yes, the growing pains so have patience.

Bronco has snatched another defeat from the jaws of victory. Utah had no offense whatsoever and we get pass happy our 1st 5 possessions to lose an EASY game. yeah, it was a host of dumb luck but you can’t be that obvious…Goodbye Bronco, I will not miss you much.

I just hate having to hear how great Puketah is for another 10 months.

Santa, bring me a detmer for OC for Christmas.

I’m not mad or upset with Bronco over this game. Anae put together the offense game plan that included two players, on that hardly runs and the other hadn’t touched the ball all year, Canada. It’s not Canada’s fault because he should have never been in the game at the beginning. The backs that played all year touched the ball after we were down 28 - 0. Bad game plan to start.
A better start and we may have shut them out!

Lol give me a break-since when did Mendenhall start calling the offensive plsys-he does have a lot of input into the defense and the defense was outstsnding

Agree… that is why there are offensive coordinators. They are the ones that come up with the game plan. Did Bronco tell Anae to put Tre Dye and Squally Canada in the game and run them at the beginning? Two guys who hadn’t done much all season while you have Bernard and Brown watching from the sidelines?

Serioiusly… what was that?

The only thing good about Bronco leaving is that he is taking Anae with him.


For sure! Did I leave my black weekly pocket calendar in your bathroom or on the couch?

yeah, you are both right. Glad to see Anae go but Bronco is the head coach and those 5 turnovers are on his head. He could have sundered over to Anae and said, “Let’s play a little more conservative and run it more”. Easy call…Utah did not have to honor the run and keyed on pressuring Tanner into fumbles and interceptions. I thought the Oline was the key to the game and they got and F in the first quarter.

We all thought that BYU was the better team. you take those first 5 minutes away and BYU wins this game easily. Sad day in BYU history. We just lost an easy game to the Pukes.

Don’t see it but I’ll keep my eyes out for it.

Bronco and Anae were very naive to believe we could run 5 and 7 step drops and block Utah’s DL one on one. We came out ill prepared and panicky, just like vs Michigan and just like in far too many other “big games” in Bronco’s career. I have always loved having him as our coach, but this loss was on him for not having his team prepared to play–again–from the first snap.

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Come on Hawks, the “only” good thing? He is taking Howell too; give him some credit for that.

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You knew that Virginia fans saw this game and what they thought about Bronco and his staffs? Have fun Cavs.

I hope we do schedule against them very soon or should we not?

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Except when we ran it, it was two players who never hardly ran during the season. Canada just bungled it and so did Dye. Why were were they in?

I must admit, Kyle Whittingham knows how to prepare his teams to play the bowl games. His “buzz saw” approach at the beginning of the games staggers the opponents. It happened in the Alabama game and it happened yesterday.

Perhaps Sitaki can bring some of that knowledge and experience with him. I am really looking forward in seeing what he does bring.

I think Bronco has very little to do with the offense and I will give him credit that his team didn’t fold and gave an oustanding defensive effort. The world is full of ifs-or had beens or what ifs. Utah won -so give them credit for the win. BYU probably got more positive pundits for their resilient play than Utah got for winning the game. Good luck to Mendenhall and staff-good luck at Virginia-and good luck to Sitake and whoever he picks on his staff. Only time will dictate the outcome of these events so just be positively optimistic about BYU foo tall future

For years on this forum we have been complaining about game preparation for football and basketball. The fact Anae has two players start at running back who either is out of position or hasn’t run all year shows that the team wasn’t as serious about winning at the beginning.

Yeh Scott-sometimes it is the game plan-and I have never thought RA was an offensive genius-but he has done a credible job imo. But I am looking forward to a new chapter and hopefully not looking back wishing for the old one. You know -no matter what happens-I believe the team that plays the best wins 95% of the games played-if it gets like professional wrestling ill quit watching. Utah blitzed BYU for one quarter and it was enough to win the game. Tipped passes-fumbles-just part of the game. Hindsight tells us it was a mistake in preparation, but if they pull it off-everyone is giddy and happy. I can accept the loss and not whine.

I agree with your second sentence but I think it was the coaches who weren’t so serious. But when the score got to 35 points for Utah it became save face serious. And to the coaches and players credit they outplayed Utah for 3 quarters but it is a 4 quarters game. Bronco and Anae STINK playing Utah. Hopefully Kalani will do much better.

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Yes, I agree the coaches weren’t serious at game time. It’s obvious that the players were prepared by the way they played those 3 quarters. But, my first statement is true too.

His “buzzsaw” approach included some PI’s, bad calls by officials and a few lucky breaks. The truth is that BYU totally outplayed Utah and was the better team. Sometimes the scoreboard doesn’t reflect that. The curious approach of running Dye and Canada out of the backfield when neither one of them had played that role all season long was a poor decision. The bottom line is that BYU is just too predictable… the opponent always seems to know what is coming and it forces the Cougars to rely much to heavily on execution, something they did relatively well against the Utes.

Whittingham knew his team was outplayed and he knew he got lucky. Utah started strong this season and faded into mediocrity… the strong start against BYU was pure emotion. They ended the season on a low note in spite of the win.

Good post SR… and gives us hope for the future.

Any BYU fan who wishes bad things for Bronco or any of his staff has some personal issues he needs to deal with. I was a harsh critic of Anae and his game plan and play calling. In spite of that I wish him all the success possible at Virginia.

I wish Niumatalolo all the best at Navy as well. The more quality men that represent our religious beliefs, the better.

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I can’t agree with the notion that he did a credible job but I will accept it. He had numerous opportunities to do much better but his stubborness, predictability and conservative ways limited the Cougars over and over and over. There was a lot of talent on the team this past season and their ultimate potential wasn’t realized because of the offensive philosophy.

I know this is the case because I see it in myself in so many ways. I feel a kinship with the guy.

I am stubborn, predictable and way too conservative. However, I think I am a good man in the things that really matter. I believe Anae is probably the same.