I'm done with this crappy new board

This is by far the worst board with some of the best users now… I have no idea what I have read and what is new. Replies are completely hidden. This board’s setup is AWFUL. Glad you got a few people liking the mobile use because you seriously built the worst BYU forum that I have ever interacted with. I’d much rather have the crippled simplicity that we had before than this nonsense. Honestly, I would like to know who was involved in building this so I make sure I never hire them on our team. Good luck…


the only thing keeping me here right now is that I know a few people (you for one) and I am really hoping that things will change over time. I hope it evolves into something more like the previous format. I hope I can get used to it a little more regardless of what happens. I don’t think I will last if it doesn’t get a little easier to use.

Sometimes the old way of doing things is fine and it doesn’t need changing.

The fancy colors, letters, etc. don’t do a thing for me.

I don’t know how long I will last…

I’ve actually started to like it. Click on “football” and all the football posts appear. The same with basketball. It’s different but still pretty good.

I get that I can click football and posts appear as well as the other topics. That in no way makes up for the user interface issues elsewhere. That’s about the only good thing about this forum except the people using it. Also, considering I have no recollection of a Stan Adona posting before but has posted 4 times in the past four days on here I’m going to guess you either didn’t use the other site much at all and are trying to raise support for this one, or that I never saw your posts before due to the sheer volume of activity there was on the other forum.

Also, I find it interesting that the only people who seem to truly support the site are those that didn’t actively post on the other lol…

I posted quite a bit on the old board, though the quality of my posts may have made my posts forgettable.

My apologies for forgetting lol…

I don’t remember you actively posting on the old board Jason. I lurked on the old board for over 10 years, and posted when I felt like it. I didn’t feel like jumping into many conversations.

Yeah you’re probably right. I posted about once a week and usually in response to Scott saying something dumb lol.

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I posted at least 50 times a week for the same reason! LOL!

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Only 50 times? :wink: