In game comments for Boise

And that to me is coaching. What are you telling your freshman QB? Obviously not to hold the ball and run.

And so it is-BYU PLAYED well enough to win -questionable play calls at the end inside the five-they should have run up the middle, downhill and used their size-used up too much time or fake to Hadley and have Wilson run it in around the right side while still had time on the clock. Good game good effort 2 yards short

there was no hold. watched it 3 times.

Wilson is the real deal, just very very young and holds on to the ball too long. He’ll learn

Very impressive kid-should have started from the beginning and maybe he wouldn’t make a few freshman errors, but then again they probably owed Mangum the chance

UWhat is it about the 5 yard line that we can’t score? Two games now of this. To me, the last play was all on the coaches. 7 seconds is enough time for a quick pass and another play if needed. And, apparently no one told Wilson or reminded him not to take a sack.

Or else the freshman just panicked initially when the first two looks weren’t open. I would have rolled him right on the option and given him more space to make a play. The 2nd and third down calls from the 4 and a half yard line used precious seconds and went nowhere. These calls might have cost BYU the game

Inexperience did him in this year, next year it will be some other reason.

But let’s blame it on Bronco and his recruiting… LOL!

100% coaching fail…poor plays and poor communication. You fake the middle with El Bakri and Canada. Roll out Wilson with a TE blocking and when the DE bites, the TE releases and he is open to walk in to the end zone. Dadadada

LOL ok Bronco-it’s your fault

Did I not say that BYU outplayed BSU? All of the holds, penalties and flags killed our drives and yet we were in it to the end. BYU is young but this has got to stop.

It was a dig aimed at Floyd. He was blaming Bronco for quitting and poor recruiting and that was the reason BYU is so bad.

Obviously one of Floyd’s acquaintances is chewing on his ear.

The mental mistakes are what is ruining this team right now… from coaches on to players. That has got to end now. No more excuses… they lack focus and it is costing them wins.

only a Bronco apologist would say something like this…

Go back and look at how Bronco recruited…

  1. The player had to prove to Bronco he should recruit him to BYU (Bronco own freaking words Jim)
  2. Bronco disliked Star athletes (Also a proven fact)
  3. Detmer said when he took over that the O Line was soft and out of shape (playing the pro style offense)… Who was the coach for these players? Bronco
  4. Out of the five Offensive lineman 3 are either true freshman or redshirt freshman… That should tell you a lot about the conditioning of the players.

Jim, I have my resources… You may not like it, but it was the truth…

say what you want, but the fact of the matter is that Grimes who has been a line coach for 25 years, you has coached some very good NFL lineman, had to start freshman, because his upper classman were not good enough.

Since the HC is the one that okay’s all recruiting, it falls on his head…

So the BYU O-line opened up huge holes vs. Wisconsin and was good enough to beat Arizona… two pretty good teams even after losing to BYU.

But since those early season wins, what is going on with this team?

The mental errors, lack of focus and inability to score touchdowns when they get inside the 10 yard line is baffling and inexcusable.

Is that Bronco’s fault?

I am not an apologist but I will call out poor excuses for a teams’ issues and I will hold CURRENT players and coaches accountable for some of the nonsense that is going on with the team currently.

It’s like blaming Grimes for LSU getting a beat down from Alabama or blaming Sitake for Utah losing to Arizona St.

It makes no sense! Stop blaming a former coach for the problems created by a current staff and team that lacks focus and loses the mental aspect of the game almost every week.

And I have to agree with you. Not so much for reasons but that these freshman are also players now recruited by Sitaki.
You don’t have to tell seniors not to move before the ball is snapped. But, you do Freshman. Is that being done?

For the freshman that would now be Sitaki, not Bronco.

You missed the point Scott…

Freshman (Sitake) beat out Juniors and Seniors (Bronco’s) because they were better players, which proves that Bronco did not recruit the best talent…

Actually go re-watch the game… which lineman did the false start? Keanu Saleapaga (Fr) both times.

Kenu replaced Shoaf mid way through the season.

Now someone who is objective and doesn’t hate Utah high school players would notice that overall as a team, the false starts and holding calls are way down this year compared to the last 2-3 years.

But who wants to be objective when it is easier to blame a freshman and not devalue Bronco legacy because his recruiting was sub par.

I agree that there is something going on here, not sure what because this is not the same offensive line that played well at the beginning of the season.

I only blame Bronco for not recruiting better players (across the board). If you have sub par athletes, then you are going to have sub par performances. Just a fact of life.

I am beginning to wonder if the whole “You have to earn your starting position every week” method of coaching by Sitake and Grimes is actually what is causing the down turn in performance.

If a guy who is starter does not feel like he can make mistakes and learn from them without being yank, will be more apprehensive in plays, because he is trying NOT to make mistake because of fear of being replaced the next week.

Hope that made sense, but I think a starter should not have to worry about earning his starting position every week. I think he should be the starter until someone else proves in practice that they are better.

Maybe he didn’t develop the better talent? Hmmm…