In game comments NMS

Another slow start…

What’s up with Wilson? Just run the ball!

Defense can’t stop them and the offense can’t get a first down.

This is Wilson’s worst game. Is it time for Tanner Mangum?

Haha, maybe. Let’s hope he settles down.

LOL! Yes, in the 4th quarter

Wilson has settled down. Finally the BYU offense we are accustomed to in the glory days…

It was classy to insert Mangum in the 4th,
It was typical Tanner to throw up a duck,
Sad to see Kaufusi on the sideline and will not pad up for the Ute game.
Uncanny thing to see a Kaufusi go down and another Kaufusi step up and dominate.
I need some Kaufusi DNA in my Tree.

Thus the story of Tanner’s BYU legacy. Rifles a beautiful in stride shot. Then throws a typical freshman mistake duck for an intercept. For his memories I wish he would have let 45 run it in. That was a shame, but at least he played

Yep, a small microcosm of Tanners career! But glad he got in too. Classy move

I don’t believe Kaufusi is hurt. He stood up the entire game. I think he’s holding out so he doesn’t get hurt before the pro stuff starts. I want to see the x-rays.

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Why throw something like that from the half yardline? Just a really bad call and why we are 6-5.

Exactly but that probably came from the sidelines, but Tanner shouldn’t have thrown it anywhere except ob

And the coaches should have known that. Oh well, now Utah…