In Game Knell - yikes indeed

Hopper please defend Knell some more
Costing this game on both ends
5-8 minutes should be the max for him
Shot doctor has become the Shot patient


turnovers 17-6 ISU ballgame

True. Did out rebound number 2 defensive team in nation by 13. They played tough, but have to focus more on passes and not getting ball knocked out of their hands.
Hall had a very sub-par game - out of control some. This one he will learn from and will continue to get better.
Saunders BYU MVP this game - easy call. Fouss played well (rebounds amongst trees) but needs to not lose the ball so much.
This is a good team if Pope manages players minutes just a bit better.

We had a lot of balls slapped away from more than just Fouss. The dumb traveling calls were intimidation plays. ISU’s defense is good. And, they cause mistakes. They weren’t very aggressive in the first half. Then, they turned it on about midway in the 2nd half. But, that’s not why we lost. We got really cold again. Not just from 3 either. But, we had wide open 3’s and simply missed. Not even close on the shots.

No question turnovers was the key stat. Iowa
St out shot BYU on 3s but that and turnovers were the only stats they won and they protected the basketball and BYU did not.

Not a bad loss though. Right now BYU is at number 6 in the conference and can move to 5 if Kansas loses at Houston on Saturday and BYU beats OSU. BYU has the tie breaker over Kansas and if they both end up 10-8 in conference BYU gets the higher seed.

If BYU meets ISU in the conference tournament I
like their chances based on the 2 games so far.

There were 3 key stats all equally devastating:

  1. Turnovers leading to 18 points
  2. 43% from three land in the 1st half. One made 3 in the 2nd and 27.6% for the game. Probably shot 7% in the 2nd half. That was the number one issue.
  3. Missed layups and short shots galore.
  4. Stripped balls over and over.
  5. Too much dribbling.

5 yeps from me.

Observation: Waterman was aggressive and played pretty well, he just needs to put on 20-30 pounds somehow to battle with very defensive teams.

I knew there was going to be some bumps and bruises, but the thing that is different in this loss is that the team competed for the full game as versus some of the previous losses.

Yes, Turnovers, Shootings %, and some dumb mistakes happened, but ISU is a good team that has some seasoned players on it.

Like everything in life, you learn from experience. I thought for the most part, BYU played well, and some of their “inexperience” showed up at the wrong time.

One of my leaders once said, “If you take three steps forward (progress) and then take two steps back (mistakes) you are still ahead of where you started by one step”. I think this is a good analogy for BYU basketball this year. I also think that is can be a bit frustrating for fans at times as well.

Based on that, I think we might surprise some people in the BIG12 Tournament.

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This is ISU’s signature. 10 steals… Hall had to play his best game to win. And for 35 minutes, Hall did his job. Looking at his minutes, Pope would do well to rest Hall for that final push. 34 minutes is too much, hall was gassed. The next closest guy on the team, Knell, got 28 minutes. GO FIGURE???

Got to learn from this!

Sorry, read this after I wrote the above, good call.

Exactly. Rest Hall for that final push.


Before we played them I made the point that ISU has no true stars, all of their players are rated BELOW BYU’s players rating and yet they are #6 nationally. They hang their hat on torching point guards and blowing up opposing teams plays. That does not translate into an ISU final 4. I like ISU. The coaching has been masterful but a team with a star or two will sit back and play even for about 35 minutes, then turn on the star power and make that final basket. BYU has the same problem except, BYU has that 3 power and that bench. You just have to rest guys like Hall, Robinson for that final push as in the Kansas game or TCU. Those finishes had me salivating.

Got to get that OSU at home, all good
The fact that we are here, glued to our TVs-arguing back and forth about the team throughout the season…I hope everyone takes it all in, What a different experience from that dreadful rec league.
This is a very special season

One thing that ISU has is a good mixture of experienced and inexperienced players. that is a recipe for success. I think BYU issue is “experience” playing on a higher level “every night”. I think if Pope can keep this team together and add a few good players along the way, the experience player will put us in the top echelon in the BIG12 over the next few years.

We knew ISU defense was elite before the game. Their pressure was elite. They caused us to travel, make bad passes, dribble too much and not pass to open shooters (Fouss). However, with that said, we hit open shots in the 1st half. 43% from 3s. In the 2nd half, we still had wide open shots but misses most of them.

With 29 three point shots, 27.6% will not win games against elite teams. We need 35 threes and shoot 36%. Again, we missed wide open shots. Why? My opinion is ISU put more pressure and effort in their defense and it caused us to focus on our shooting to stay high. We saw shots in the lane next to the basket come up short or miss the basket completely (Fouss).

If you read my thread on statistics you know I stated 3 reasons for the loss. One other is the turnovers. But, we knew, or we should have known, that we’d have lots of turnovers because that’s ISU’s strength. So, they scored 18 points off turnovers. In the first half, 9 turnovers but we shot 43% from threes. We had a good lead. We actually then turned the ball over one less in the 2nd half even though ISU turned the pressure up. But, we shot in the teens from both 2s and 3s and lost by 5. A 16 point swing. Turnovers were a problem but only because we missed open shot after open shot.

Now, our defense was also very good. They only scored 68 points. Had we hit 4 more 3s, they may have scored 60. That’s with Knell in or out. And Knell is about the only one who made a 3 point shot in the 2nd half. Saunders shot lights out in the 1st half and missed most shots in the 2nd half. Waterman also did poorly in the second half. That wide open travel shows that the ISU intensity made a difference. So, I’ll Pope and the coaches make the whose in the game decisions.

One other thing is we did not score in the last 4:25 minutes. Part of that were the bad turnovers.

I don’t understand? What?

I’ll let the coaches decide who to play.

I think Pope is doing this. The key is to keep the good experienced players like Fouss, Saunders, Hall, Khalifa, Waterman and those players while bringing in the Adams, Barker, and the others coming off their missions.
On another note, Spencer Linton reported that of the 8 games BYU has shot 3 point shots under 32%, BYU has lost all those games. Happened again last night. And, we had wide open looks too. Just a 2 or 3 more and we would have won. 2-15 in the 2nd half. 13% after a 43% first half. 27% total.