Inbound Transfer Portal News

According to Twitter, defensive back Amari Chatman–no relation to Jeff-- is visiting BYU from Virginia Tech.

BYU has also hosted two quarterbacks who have played against BYU: Drew Pyne from Notre Dame and Kedon Slovis from Pittsburgh by way of USC.

As predicted

See my beef? We get a 4 star guy to come in, becomes the starter over QBs that have been in the BYU system for years and we get the snot knocked out of us. Predicted!

Well, those kids have then had years to grow from 3 stars to 4 or 5 stars like Steve Young did. Like others have said, it’s the way things are now. You go from 3rd string QB to 2,000th star string if you aren’t good enough. Of course, I don’t like the switching without sitting out a year. And, as predicted, the NIL is ruining the game as well.