Injuries are piling up

Fischer is now hurt hurt with a shoulder stinger. Seljass already has a bad shoulder and not 100%. Down to 2 shooting guards who have been struggling. If the bigs can’t make a huge statement this week, things are not looking good. Those players who left were the selfish ones. Not the ones sticking around playing more minutes than they should be.
So, what is it with players hurting their shoulders? Doesn’t anyone lift weights anymore?

Gotta love it… good ole SG sticking to his guns, even when he is wrong. :weary:

Maybe they are hurting the shoulders from all the “patting on the back” they do… :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m tired seeing is all the hand and butt slapping when players make or miss free throws. This isn’t volleyball. Especially when they miss the free throws. Drives me almost as nuts as Hawks does :flushed:

But Scott is always willing to admit that he’s wrong. He said so himself… :wink:

Yep when I’m wrong… You got it :slight_smile:

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Probably the single biggest ongoing joke on this board is SG telling everyone he acknowledges being wrong on occasion.

Delusional is the word that comes to mind…

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The biggest joke is the conspiracies unproven thrown around as being truth. As with all conspiracies, delusions :innocent:

There is no “conspiracy” when it comes to selfish basketball, something several of the players have been guilty of this season. You can’t just blanket every observation, particularly when that observation is consensus, with the conspiracy tag.

So, tonight, the players will be passing for assists. And, SF will be ready and in the passing lanes. See what happens. Turnover after turnover after turnover. Guards will have to get into the lane. If they are open, take the shots and make short shots for a change. If not, I suspect they will have to dribble right back out because SF will have players in the passing lanes. There will be a lot of one on one shooting and it won’t be because of hero ball or selfishness.

If that is what happens and what the game dictates then of course, that isn’t selfish basketball. Once again, you are limiting yourself and your opportunities to understand the game on something more than a very superficial level. You hang on the precipice of getting it but you never seem to be able to make that final connection.

Not superficial at all. It takes great knowledge not to just assume players are selfish. The bigger picture includes seeing what the defense is doing and giving. Not just players forcing their way on the court. Tonight, without Fischer we will have a difficult time. They will simply dog Emery and Chatman/Seljaas. Then, they will pack it in making it hard to score inside. I hope we have a better play both offensively and defensively.
I’m taping the game because I won’t be at home until later.

Yeah… USF made it really hard for BYU to score.


You just don’t get it…:confused: