Inquiring minds want to know

These are just a few questions I would like to have answer for:

  1. Why it took 9 games for ARod and Funk to figure out they needed to simplify the scheme for the offensive line?
  2. Why our WR’s do not fight for the ball and allow the DB’s to get in front of them.
  3. Why do our WR’s seem to not catch the ball when they are wide open (Roberts and Epps drop good passes to them).
  4. Why is BYU turf so horrible this year? Alot of slip and sliding.
  5. Why does AROD call for APO on the goal line?
  6. Why does the injury bug happen more lately?
  7. Why can’t ARod get out of this own way?
  8. How can ARod get a better feel for the game? This is not an objective question.

Add more to the list if you feel like it.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

The world may never know.

By coaching at a lower level

That is entirely on the team prep. It rained .58 inches the day before and a little during the game. A run through hours before the game dictates what length cleat you use. duh

I think OK took it for granted that BYU can’t run the ball. Players from OK think they are miles ahead of lilly white slow BYU. We will see next week if we have a run game.

Actually, the issue is the field is really bad, no amount of prep is going to overcome the issue. The turf is to the part that it will tear apart eaisly, that is why they are replacing it this year.

The ESPN Announcers were talking about it, as well as John Beck on SportsNation. The athlete can only have so much according to the NCAA rules.