Interesting.... About HC

I was told that the reason we could not the best head football and basketball coaches was because they had to active LDS members.

Well, Apparently not: BYU Athletics: BYU names non-Latter-day Saint as head women’s XC coach - Deseret News

What? Head Coach is not a calling in the Church?

Go back when Stitake was hired, most of the comments about being a HC at BYU was the requirement that they were “Active” card carrying members of the church. That is what everyone believed was “Policy”.

Well it turns out that is not entirely true… READ THE ARTICLE, they mention of what I speak.

I thought it said that when they were looking for HC for football and basketball they need to be active members. But now it doesn’t look that way for the lesser money sports.

Given the high profile position and the no-nonsense complexities of the honor code and the coming and going of missionaries, I suspect that future football and basketball coaches will always be LDS.

My guess is that eventually the honor code will be pared down and the HC of BB or FB will not have to be active LDS but the effort will be to hire active LDS WHEN possible.

The honor code will remain pretty much in tact. Football and Basketball, as well as Volleyball now get lots of media attention. So, I don’t see the requirements for head coaches in those sports changing.

If the honor code is not pared down, sometime in the future, and if the membership requirement for BB and FB are not dropped, BYU basketball and football will devolve and cease to exist, sometime in the future.

Why! What’s your reasoning? Do you think the Church needs to get rid of all the Commandments that doesn’t jive with the wok cults?

Well, you know . . . the wok rules!

That’s hard to say. I know President Nelson has worked hard to develop good relations between the Church and China.

Since Salt Lake City and County are now controlled by democratic socialists, perhaps the church HQ will relocate to China.

What’s wrong with people? Losing faith in the Lord.

You know Scott, you go from one far side of the topic to the other… Just like always!

No where in Arkie comment even remotely said that the Church should get rid of the commandments, but like always you take things to an extreme.

The fact of the matter is the Honor Code is NOT doctrine, nor is it a commandment, they are guidelines that was incorporated into BYU culture during the 60’s to help tide the against what then President Wilkerson felt was the “Hippie” Movement.

Whether or not the Quorum of the 12 decides to relax some policies within the HC, which are not doctrinal or commandments, there is no harm in that. In fact, I would prefer it to the overly strict HC that has caused so many people to dislike BYU and the church.

President Nelson has been doing a lot of changes within the church, trying to get rid of the myths that has crept in and trying to return pure doctrinal standards.

Close, but no cigar… They will relocate to Jackson County Missouri! :open_mouth:

I think right now, the only bright spot for SL City and County is the fact the Church sits in the middle of it. Some these politicians are idiots! I am neither Democrat nor Republican, but I have to say SLC has produced some really wacky democrats lately.

You are right that some people dislike the Church and BYU because of their stance on morals and doctrine relating to morality. Who are those people? The same wacky Democrats in SLC that are apposed to the Church and anything they own like BYU. I’m okay with this. I expect opposition to the Church of Jesus Christ. Don’t you?

It’s of my opinion that those who oppose the HC oppose those parts that are specifically doctrine and cover morality. Such as: sex before marriage and homosexual behavior and acts…

Maybe China then Jackson County! :rofl:

Hi Floyd,

It is very nice to hear from you again.

A couple of years back, I made the following statement:

" I feel that we greatly and unnecessarily limit ourselves to quality head coaches,
by requiring that they be LDS in Good standing".

I did not say that we have no quality LDS coaches. I suggested that we would have
more choices if we did not have the restriction of (Must) be LDS in good standing in order to
be a BYU Head Coach.

I love our LDS in Good standing Head Football Coach, K.S.

I suggested in that post, a couple years back, that the clearance, and the hiring, the supervision of a non member head coach should be the responsibility of the Athletic Director.

Recent example:
Grimes was not LDS but he made an excellent OC for us. In the future, that same person with that same moral code and that same work ethic would make an excellent Head Coach for us some day. Not now. I am very happy with what we have now.

I will be watching the progress of our new NM XC coach. I hope that this new coach will set new presidents.

Nice hearing from you Floyd. I have missed your postings.

Well, we missed hearing from you as well. Great minds don’t all think alike

Thank you grasshopper.
Again, I find something that I can agree with you on.