Interesting comments from Childs about BYU team

I know in the article it says a lot of “If’s”, But Childs thinks never year team has the potential to be the best team ever?

What you guys think?

He is not the only one who has said very complimentary things about Pope’s second squad.
He has not practiced against Haarms, BA, George, et al though.
He has practiced against all the bigs except for Haarms and Lohner though. Their position coach, Burgess, has more than once said that the front court with the addition of Haarms will simply be the best front court in the country.
The point seems to be in good shape for now, though a bit iffy for the next couple of years after that.
The wing would be better with Lowell, but still is in better shape than most BYU teams.
The team will not be as experienced in total, or together as last years was, but with three seniors and nine juniors, admittedly a couple at least likely to red shirt, the team should have plenty of experience if they can overcome their lack of experience playing together.

Pope has done a good job shaping a team.
Can he coach them to their potential?
Can they come together?
Will they have the best locker room in the country?
Tough to say, but even being able to state Child’s opinion without everybody laughing at him is a huge step in the right direction.
Now if only he can get drafted and make the all-rookie NBA next year. has been updated with the current roster.
Only one true center listed: Harward.
Haarms listed as Forward/Center.
It will be a beautiful sight to see the Cougars dominate the paint.

17 players on the roster
7 of them from Utah.
None of them from California, Washington, or Oregon.
BYU seems to own Idaho and Utah right now…Coach Kry is gone soon I think. If your chief recruiting rival owns you 3-1 then you have problems.
Two from Texas and two from Arizona. Only two from foreign lands and neither were recruited there. Both are transfers.
Plenty of room for improvement on the recruiting base…but no place to put them for the next few years.

I think that Pope is working on changing “how” BYU recruits… He has stated he wants the best from Utah, but I also know he likes looking in Europe for kids as well.

I think in the next few years, you will see more and more kids from across the country.

I don’t remember which article mentioned it, but apparently Pope has a good rep for have a fast pace game, that kids today likes a lot… That will attract a lot of players as well.

I think you hit it on the head:

Can he coach them to their potential?
Can they come together?
Will they have the best locker room in the country?

Those are the key questions, but I will say it is the most excitement I have seen in the basketball team for years.

I know to be spoken of as one of the best teams ever a team needs to have a scorer or two. If you look at the best teams ever discussion, all of those teams had scorers on them.

Who will be this year’s team scorers? I don’t see anyone that can put up 15-20 points a game on a consistent basis… and a great team probably needs at least 2 or 3 of those kinds of players.

I don’t see it.

They can be a good team, but I don’t see greatness.

Pope has mentioned a couple of times now that with this years squad they will be able to play faster than last years. When he was assisting Rose the team was consistently in the top ten for tempo.
I could see him getting back to that in short order.

Several can…

Not one proven scorer… name the “several”.

All of them…

I’m with JCoug. This team will not be special. Good? Yes. Will they come within 10 points of Gonzaga at the MC? Doubtful. We will battle it out for St Mary’s for 2nd place in the league.

We lost our three best players (by far) and will be blending in a new team which will take half the season. We have no go to scorer. Who is going to create? AB? He was hesitant last year. Harding? He’s too slow to get by 2’s or 3’s on the wing. The new UVU guard is going to be good so I’ll say he’s the one guy who can create. But he’s small and doesn’t shoot well (32% from 3 last year).

Those other big guys like Haarms and Baxter can’t dribble or create…that was never their role. This team needs a TJ Haws.

Oh ye with little faith… You live in the past. Harding is much more than what saw last year with a bum knee. He’s healthy. AB and BA can score and BA can shoot lights out. Your big three took most of the shots so it’s weird that you can think no one else could.
Haarms will score 12-15 a game. Hardwood and George are capable of big games as well. Don’t know what Baxter can do. People say his shooting is much improved. And, there are others like Knell and a couple of others. Deepest team ever.

In a way you are right… it is going to take a LOT of faith. Likewise I think the meaning of your comment is actually “Oh ye with high basketball IQ” because I believe that is where Craig and I are at.

Hi horse altitude :horse:

We have a great coaching staff and a very deep team… many great shooters and an experienced team as well.

The thing that I like is that Pope is creating an environment that fans are now “wondering” about how good or not good discussions.

nailed it.

Who on the team is a proven scorer?

Barcellos will be the team capt. but was reluctant to drive to the hoop last year. I don’t know that much about Averette other then he is pretty fast. If he is a driver, BYU is in good shape…if not, BYU will have a challenge getting crunchtime points.

I can’t say a single bad thing about Pope. He has far surpassed anything I thought he would pull off with the shackles of the HC and the WCC. When guys like Haarms and Lohner joined, That was a monster statement that BYU was back in a big way.

Last season, TJ, Childs and Toolson were all 20ppg type guys. This year we have a bunch of 10-15ppg type players so we will see who steps up. and fills that void.

There are just too many new faces to say that BYU is going to be special this year. Would I be surprised if they made it to the big dance? No. Because we have enough of a core in Barcellos, Harding, Lee and Haarms and I have watched Harward/Lowell to know that BYU is dominate in the paint… George and Lohner will be fun to watch.

If they play as a team, do they need a player averaging 20ppg? You need a couple who will take the last shot because they can score and have ice in their vaines. We may have 10 that can. I don’t know if we will need that so much. I think we will wear down teams. We go 14 deep.

I like the list.
A reasonably solid point.
A reasonably solid wing.
A reasonably solid center.
A reasonably solid forward.
and plenty thirteen other players eager to push themselves and the team to greater heights demanded by what is apparently a solid set of coaches…

I don’t think there is such a thing as a team “wearing down”. Young athletes are very well conditioned and can go 30+ minutes a game no problem.

I appreciate your positive attitude and blind hope. Fish “nailed it” when he posted that I had “nailed it”. I am positive and upbeat as well, but realistic. I see potential and I see a really good coach who makes players and teams better and helps them realize their potential. That could produce better than good but the jury is out on greatness.