Interesting Devotional with Elder Rasband

I serve in the Inner City mission here in SLC.
We have every Christmas season a devotional, usually with someone from the Quorum of the 12.

This year, we had Elder Rasband and his wife.

a few comments he made that I thought were interesting, Not sure people know that the Church donated 1 million to the Salvation Army so they could help the poor, but they also donated 1.2 billion to the Catholic Relief fund to help them take care of the poor as well.

He said across the world the saints are stepping up and helping those who have been devastated by this virus. It makes the 12 and the First Presidency grateful for the saints efforts.

another thing he said was that the Prophet invited several members of the church who also were on the research of the vaccines to better understand what went into the research, how it works and what affects it will have.

I thought, here is a Prophet of God, the mouthpiece of Heavenly Father on this earth, who happens to be world renown surgeon with a very intimate understanding of the human body , is still going out and doing his research on a matter that concerns the people of this planet.

It reminded me of the scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants where the Lord admonishes Oliver Cowdery to “first search it out in your mind, then come and ask me if it is right”. Our leaders are doing that exactly today, in order to follow what the Lord would want them to say and do concerning this pandemic.

Like I said, it was very interesting.

The Catholic Relief Program is excellent with distribution of goods and money in relief work overseas. They are about the only organization that can be fully trusted to distribute without dipping into the profits. That’s why the Church works with them and doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks for sharing that. It is faith promoting that the church uses its resources to bless their fellow brothers and sisters worldwide.