Interesting PodCast on the Cougars

I ran across this podcast of “Locked on Cougars” with Jake Hatch.

It talks about how ESPN might be reconsidering the PAC12 media rights vs BIG12 media rights.

Thought you would like to listen:
BYU Football & Big 12 Conference Are Holding The High Ground | BYU Cougars Podcast - YouTube

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I should mention in this PODCast, Jake Hatch makes the claim that it was President Young from Utah that told Klay Thompson of the MWC that BYU was going to put their non-football programs into the old WAC and so that is when Fresno and Nevada was invited to be part of the MWC.

Basically, scuttling the BYU plans.

Floyd, thanks for the link. Jake does one of the best podcasts about BYU sports out there. It’s daily (m-f though it’s taped late the previous night. Tuesday’s show, for example, often premieres Monday at 11:00 PM). Thursday (or late Wednesday night) he does a mailbag edition where he answers viewer emails and tweets. He’s also pretty honest in his feelings without a lot of homerism common in some of the other BYU Cougar sports shows (I like BYU homers, but not everyone does).

Here’s a link to the Vanquish the Foe article that he references about 1/2 throught the podcast:

Sounds like things are getting rough for the pac-12 in terms of media rights. Sounds like the media is playing hardball because the pac-12 might be the last person without a contract. I hope they get a decent contract. If for no other reason I don’t really want the University of Utah in the Big 12 with byu.

It all depends on if they can get a decent media package. The big 12 was very proactive and got their meteorites done first which left very little on the table for the Pac 12.