Interesting recruiting process for BYU

OHNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I cannot resist this tasty bait hanging in front of my face! 12-0??? TWELVE AND ZERO??? That made me laugh so hard I was actually committed to a lunatic asylum for 24 hours but am out now to say that any analyst saying BYU can go 12-0 is about as objective as Anthony Fauci.

It’s okay as long as you are wearing your blue goggles. It’s okay to hope as well.

I would love to see BYU go 12 and zero next season. But can we really really do that with this 3 8 defense all game long without putting pressure on their quarterback? Give me a break!

Thanks for making my day, Larimer. hahahhahha 12-0 hahahaha

Just got back from the super bowl, loved it but I would never do it again…to much traffic even with a motorcade. too much noise, although I did love the walks on the beach and a certain French restaurant in Long Beach.