Interesting recruiting process for BYU

Please read this article about how BYU recruits players:
BYU signing day: Should Cougars chase more top-end football talent? - Deseret News

Then let us know what you think?

Did very good last year. With a better recruiting class this year, we should do just fine. However, in an interview on BYUSN yesterday with the recruit from Oklahoma, he said that he will be a pipeline for more players from Oklahoma. Things will get better and better and better.

Floyd: the article says we signed 14 defensive players. 11 had ZERO other D1 offers. My opinion: Either Kalani is the best talent evaluator in history and has the best defensive staff in history—wait while I jog around the globe while laughing—ok, I’m back….or we are going to see a lot of B12 teams steamroll BYU. Kalani wants us to believe that we can field a team of totally unrecruited players against teams where almost every guy had 5-10 offers and compete? Oh……kaaaaayyyy……

The article names former BYU defenders who have excelled in the NFL—it doesn’t note that all 3 were HIGHLY recruited stars out of HS and all recruited by Bronco, who played a super aggressive, blitzing defense that was both fun to watch and fun for the kids plot play. BYU is paying the price in recruiting defense because most HS star defenders don’t want to go play 3-8 zone defense that by its very design makes impact plays almost non existent.

Another poster pointed out that in the NC game both teams brought pressure on almost every play. That’s what kids want to do.

I don’t understand the whole thing. If Kilani and staff can find and develop 0, 1 and 2 star recruits, why cannot he do the same thing for 4 and 5 star recruits? Apart from the occasional superb player, most of the defensive players are adequate to good but not great players. If they were truthful they would say, this is the best recruiting we can do.

What are the records of the P5 teams we beat - over the past 5 years. We beat a couple of pretty good teams. We lost to 2 pretty good teams. We also lost to a team we should have slaughtered.
Everyone wants to crow about the fabulous record of the 2020 season, well go ahead. But we beat a bunch of interior teams. If Sitaki cannot recruit better he will find his B12 record in the dumper. Same goes for continuing with his DC.

As for BYU Sports Nation, they are BYU homers and the folks they interview are BYU homers or are known to have positive things to say about BYU teams. There is no problem with that, after all they are paid by BYU to promote BYU.

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BYUSN are sports commentators who are to promote BYU sports as good members of the Church to spread the Gospel and have good relations around the world with all people. They get an A+ for the job they do. If you don’t like that don’t watch.

The last 2 years have been fantastic years that have us now in a P5 conference starting in 2023. As long as the Battle of Armageddon doesn’t begin. So, try to enjoy the journey. And don’t worry about Sitaki and the football team. Developing players doesn’t seem to be a problem for him.

As far as the “Star” system goes, many players are lower than their potential due to things like injuries, time in the sport, teams they are on, leagues they play in…The teams we played last year had may 4 and 5 star recruits and we beat them. Sitaki and crew developed 3 star and some walk-ons into 4 and 5 star athletes.

I’d be worrying more about the men’s basketball team and coach Pope a lot more. He’s losing control of his players. Barcello is having meltdowns out there on the court and Lohner as well.

bingo. At this point, the only way to get pipeline defensive players is to bring in a NEW DC with a track record of Aggressive Defense. Still stewing over the Coastal Carolina defensive debacle.

Seems to me that Holmoe and his supervisors are ok with Tuiaki as DC even with the Coastal Carolina, Boise State, and UAB losses. But they all are going to get a huge wakeup after failing in the B12.

I guess BYU has a G5 mentality.

Yet we are returning 88% of our players. Seem to be doing something right. Maybe P5 level right :thinking:

Is that the same 88% backup’s who could not play defense last year in the last three games of the season? The ones you gave an excuse because the starters were out?

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These aren’t my words. These are analysts who say BYU could go 12-0 based on who they bring back. Watch BYUSN from yesterday. Actually, the defense brings back a lot and so does the offense. And, we are going to be deeper as well. Rodrick was on and next year looks great.

Can you please name these analyst? I mean outside of Sports Nation?

Not sure Jarom and Spencer of BYU Sports Nation would be considered to be “Expert” analysts.

So like I said, who are these analyst you speak of? Please site the name and any articles that references these opinions.

BTW, here is an article about recruiting some big time talent in California.
BYU football: Why Cougars may have the inside track on elite tight end - Deseret News

Nope. You’ll have to get off that couch and turn the TV on and change the channel to BYUTV. And, I’d take their experience and inside knowledge way before anyone here. There are a couple that seem to know what’s going on in the locker room and coaches room. But that would not be you :crazy_face:

Those two clowns are not expert analysts of anything… I prefer Mel Kiper and others who actually look at things from a logical perspective

You don’t get it. SN has the ability to talk to all the players and coaches directly. They have all the stats as well. They also give out other analyst’s information and interview them. In any event, you want to know the answer to your question stop being a lazy baseball umpire and watch yesterday’s program :weary:

If anyone thinks BYUSN is objective, then they got a screw loose in their brains. They are not their to be objective, they are there to be pro BYU.

Scott, Let me tell you a story about why I think these two clowns are useless.

When I was umpiring a Regional game, the coach from the Arizona team was a former MLB baseball player. He played for the pirates for many years.

He knew the game, he knew how to play the game very well. he knew stats of pitchers and even how the opposing coach would adjust his game based on scenario’s.

The problem is like most athletes they do not know or understand the entire rulebook and how each rule applies to the game. They may know certain parts of the rules and how that affects their position on the field, but overall, they have no clue about all the rules.

This coach tried to argue with me about a ruling I made on the field which he felt was not right. He wanted me to appeal to my partners, which I did, which they backed me up, then he went to the regional commissioner to protest the game on the call I made. The commissioner denied the request.

AFTER the game, the coach who was still upset with me, tracked me down and tried to tell me why I was wrong. His comment was “I have played baseball for 30 yrs on every level, I know the game!”.
I looked at him and said, “You do know the game, but you do not know the rulebook”. I then sat down with him and showed him the exact spot in the rulebook that I made the my decision on. After that, he apologized and understood why I made the call.

Sports Nation has access to players and coaches, but the bottom line they are never objective to what it takes to move forward, they know how it affects them in their positions, but overall they do not understand how to do analysis of what it takes to progress.

BTW, here is an article about recruiting some big time talent in California. I think this poor kid has enough “BYU family” around him to make it so he wants to go somewhere else! LOL

BYU football: Why Cougars may have the inside track on elite tight end - Deseret News

The thread has nothing to do with the rule book. But thanks for information. Pittsburg Pirates. Was it Vance Law? He was in my ward at BYU and at my baptism.

Some of These professionals on the SN are part of the decision making on who get in to the Dance. Also, they are ESPN analysts like the guy on today. Need to get off your soap box a bit and be teachable.

We will be getting more LDS kids because of going into the Big 12. Obviously, we won’t get all of them. There’s the Honor Code still.