Interesting Schedule for next year

BYU, Notre Dame will meet in Las Vegas next year, finalizing 12-game 2022 schedule |

Does anyone think that this schedule is a bit much?
Notre Dame Currently #9
Arkansas Currently #8
Baylor Currently #25
Oregon currently #3
Boise State
East Carolina (TBA)

All I can say is “WOW”

Also another interesting tidbit in the article:
“Both schools are also among the winningest programs in college football over the past 50 seasons — BYU ranks eighth with 425 wins in 50 years, while Notre Dame is 17th with 392 victories over the same span.”

I took a look at this year’s schedule and doubted we could make it through without 5 loses due to injuries and just getting worn down. And while the season is young, We are all euphoric that BYU is in the same boat as last year, being talked about nationally with phrases thrown out there saying BYU is the best not P5 in America etc.

as for next year, It kind of looks similar to our schedule this year, in that Oregon is a road game, as is Stanford. All the other tough games are at LES.
This year, Baylor and USC are our tough road games, Baylor is looking legit while USC is fading fast.

At any rate, ND, Arkansas, Baylor and Or certainly have my attention.
BYU will still have 2 outstanding QBs here unless we are undefeated and Hall gets drafted but that is a long long shot.

the difference i see between this year and next year is that we will be playing 4 top 25 teams (if you assume they are ranked next year)

We will have played 3 ranked teams this season and USC could still be ranked at the then of the season…I though we were over our heads this year with 6 P5s. We shall see

Let me be the first to say it’s chickensh$$ of Notre Dame to refuse to play at LES, instead “agreeing” to fulfill its contract only if it’s played away from Provo…two more years and Holmoe can be done with this scheduling nonsense.

Yes it looks a little much, but it’s a precursor of what we will see almost every year in the Big12.

true but then BYU will see a spike in recruiting talent once they are in the Big 12. We should start seeing it now.
Here is a question: Will BSU get an big 12 invite? They would make a great travel companion.

I ranted about this in a different thread. I would have refused, and insisted on the breach of contract penalty. We don’t need to play them again under three-for-one home and away conditions.

I went back and read your rant…quality stuff, and you are right on the money. Next year’s schedule is set, then Holmoe is done kowtowing to these ADs who want the exposure of playing BYU but won’t play BYU in Provo.

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However, perhaps ND offered $1,000,000+ more to play in Vegas. We don’t know why it worked out. The thing that I didn’t like was ND is considered the home team getting more tickets for their fans. That should not have happened.
I can say that ND has a low level of character doing this. I’m sure it’s all legal for them to get out of contracts. But it still lessens their character as people.

Hail to Holmoe for getting them for 22 but then the HELL with ND forever cause we don’t need em and don’t care about them anymore. Holmoe was smart not to have BYU seen as a snively little brat. Just kick em in the crotch next year and never engage with them again.

I have a different take…We can play ND, Bama and any elite blueblood at Vegas, so long as we never go to their place in a one for one exchange. The perks of being in the P5.

Yes ND did breach the contract. Most of the tickets need to be sold to BYU fans only AND BYU should keep all the money in revenues. And I too don’t want to see ND playing against BYU ever again.

I don’t remember playing Oregon at Lavell Stadium before? And GuessWhat Oregon will be watering their artificial turf field when we played them. Anybody remember that we played them and BYU players were sliding all over the place.

Arkansas and Baylor coming to Provo next year - Sweet !!!

No, ND is the home team. They will get the bulk of the tickets…

BYU and Ty Detmer beat Oregon in a shootout in Provo; Oregon beat BYU in an ugly game in Eugene the next season. I was at both games. The game in Provo was one of the funnest games I’ve ever seen–two incredible college QBs just making the opposing defenses look stupid. Bill Musgrave became the UofO QB under Mike Belotti when the Ducks were terrible. He took them to prominence and began the run that has continued for 30 years…in Provo Musgrave threw for 489 and Ty threw for 470.

BYU trailed 33-21 at the end of the third quarter; BYU outscored the Ducks 24-8 in the 4th to win 45-41. The Ducks keyed on All American TE Chris Smith, and before the game publicly talked trash about BYU’s wideouts, who were “not athletic,” etc. So Ty let the Ducks double Smtih and destroyed them throwing to Jeff Frandsen, who had 10 catches for 188 and 3 TD, and Andy Boyce (4 for 108).

Musgrave the the Ducks got their revenge in Eugene in 1990 easily winning 32-16; Ty threw for 442 but threw 5 picks and was sacked 5 times. BYU never had a chance.

Those were two great games between two of the greatest college QBs I’ve ever seen who were just a little too small to be great NFL QBs.

How tall is Drew Brees? Same hight? Same built as Ty? What’s the difference between a good QB and a great QB? They do it and little bit more. Do what? They do it and do it and do it until the job gets done.
They also have great players surrounding them.

We had Terrence Saluone in our ward once (backup TE to, I think Christ Smith. Or was that Zundell?). He said that when running your route, you couldn’t see anyone behind the line, and then the ball would just come out over the line, on the money. He said Detmer was completely hidden behind the linesmen from downfield.

Detmer was listed as 5’10", but I’ve stood next to him twice, and he wasn’t. I’m 5’9".

Nice reminder of Saluone. Pretty decent player. Guys loved playing with Ty–such a great leader, so enthusiastic and competitive, and, at least IMHO, the best passing QB I have ever seen in college football. Soooo competitive–I remember being at a game and watching Ty get pressured and come off the field and grab 300+ pound OL Mo Elowonibi by the facemask and SCREAM in his grill about blowing an assignment. Next possession Ty throws a TD pass but instead of congratulating the guy who caught it, he runs right to Mo, pounding his chest plate and complimenting the great pass protection on the play. Yep, because that’s what great teammates do. I have not met him but one of my (nonmember) former QBs worked really closely with him at a BYU camp a few years ago and the kid will go to the grave saying Ty is the most gracious man and best QB coach he ever worked with (the kid plays at U Montana now). Ty got a raw deal with Kalani but my guess is that because both are such great men they have moved past it. Fun memories–Ty was such a great player and made everyone around him better.

I’ve shared this before, but Ty was our district athletic director, before he became ALA-QC head coach (they will vie for a state football championship, after shocking people last year by barely losing to the eventual state champion in the semifinals after moving up a division). Max Hall is the OC there. :slight_smile:

Our principal knew that I had a Detmer poster from college, and he brought him by to sign it during class. I introduced him to the class and told them he was a Heisman and a former NFL quarterback. He’s a really nice guy, and his Texas accent is still really evident.

Detmer and Hall are able to recruit, because they can promise good players contacts with D1 schools. ALA-QC has sent some players to BYU.

After two winless seasons, ALA-Ironwood, where I’m at, is 3-2 this season. We’re the afterthought — those with serious D1 or college aspirations go to the Gilbert or Queen Creek school. ALA-Gilbert shocked people by losing in the semi’s as well last year.

ALA-QC lost 20-14 to Saguaro, who is one of the title contenders. They can/will beat them in the playoffs if they square off. It was a defensive struggle for both teams, but they have high-octane offenses. The big game is October 8 with Mesquite. Mesquite has won the last two state titles, and beat ALA-QC 26-24 last year in the semis. They’re all playing for seeding, really.

:Lived a couple of blocks below us in Lindon. We had a pure breed yellow lab, we named him, “Ty Detmer Wonder dog” on his papers. One day we were driving by Detmer’s house and stopped as he was walking by. The kids piled out of our minivan gushing about how we named our pure bred after him. Clearly he was laughing over that one. Truly one of the finest human beings i have even known. I was invited to go down to his ranch in Tx to shoot Coyotes…Best time a person could have sober.

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