Interesting take on the new QB's

I was reading an article about the status of the QB group, who does what type of things:

This comment popped out to me:
Offensive coordinator Aaron Roderick learned two things last fall. First, a run-pass-option offense needs a quarterback who can run.

Second, Roderick cannot afford to have a quarterback make his first Division I snap against a Big 12 defense.

This in my opinion a big difference between a great OC and ARod.
A Great OC takes the talent his players have and adjust the scheme to meet those talents. Doug Scovil, a former OC for BYU had this same mentality. Thus, the Wilson-McMahon-Young-Bosco saga was created.

BYU football: QB competition at BYU is good for all involved - Deseret News

After Slovis went down with injury, who else had experience playing against a P5 team except Ratzlaff. Any answers Floyd?

Why did Slovis go down? He was used as a RPO QB, which he is NOT!, he is a pocket QB and ARod knew that before Slovis came to BYU.

“IF” ARod was a good OC, he would have tweaked his offense to utilize the skills of Slovis and not try to force him to be something he is not, an RPO QB.

When McMahon left (classic pocket QB) and Young took over (RPO QB), Doug Scovil modified his offense to meet Young’s scrambling abilities. Do you remember when Young caught a TD during the Holiday Bowl one year? that was Scovil tweaking the offense.

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Who cares why he went down. The topic you wanted stressed was that a QB should have experienced in the Big12 or against P5 teams. Nice try :grin:

Missed again dude:
Wanted I want to “stress” as you put it, was this comment from the article:

I then went on to explain why this comment bothered me:

Second, the reason “Why Slovis went down” is exactly the reason a good OC would not put a QB into a scheme that doesn’t fit his abilities.,

I know comprehension is low for you, but anyone else would have picked up what I was saying.

Here are the two comments in bold black that you posted:
Offensive coordinator Aaron Roderick learned two things last fall. First, a run-pass-option offense needs a quarterback who can run.

Second, Roderick cannot afford to have a quarterback make his first Division I snap against a Big 12 defense.

Did you miss this? I said that I agree with the first. You put the second in your post. So, I commented on it. Slovis went down. He had P5 experience that would equate to Big12 defenses. So, after Slovis went down, who was left? Ratzlaff had the only recent playing experience even though it was in Jr. College. So, since there was no one else with Big 12 experience or P5 experience, Ratzlaff was able to answer the first statement about being a running QB. But, the 2nd question has nothing to do with why Slovis got hurt. In the future, try to remember what you have posted in the past :wink:

The other thing the OC can do is to give backup quarterback snaps during garbage time. During the hall and Wilson years backup quarterbacks rarely got snaps even though there was garbage time.

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CougarPaul and Floyd:

Everyone on the board knows that both of your points are correct, except Hopper! He is baiting you both and you will just get aggravated. Don’t fall for it. Learn to ignore and your points will be well taken by everyone else.

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Don’t. Take. The. Bait. Even the best of us fall for it sometimes!


Now you are falling for Thawk’s communist plot to silence critics. It’s so easy to lose freedoms, isn’t it.

Nah, I don’t know THawk but THawk kinda seems like a legit freedom fighter to me

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Not if he’s trying to silence dissent. Sounds more like a Democrat :rofl:

now you are just plain making up crap:
Slovis was dressed and ready to play. Sitake chose to go a different direction, choosing to get Ratzlaff experience for the coming year. You get called in this kind of stuff often. You make up whatever scenario that fits your argument. then you act like everyone else is wrong and you are the only one to know the truth.
The Truth shall set you free.
ARod should never allow a QB in his 1st D1 game to have the option of either/or on the goal line when we just busted OK’s chops for 6 running plays to the 1 yard line. 4 downs to get it in and a beast of a running back.
Biggest blunder of the entire season. Cost BYU a bowl game. Cost BYU some 25 extra practices. Cost BYU who knows how many recruits on the AROD side of things. May be the single reason why RB Aiden Robbins transferred, Robbins thinks he is NFL material. AROD just stole that from him.
So keep up the undefendable narrative. and we will keep on snickering between posts.

Now you are making up things. You “think” Slovis was okay to play. Is that factual or just wishful? One play and everyone is wrong with you. The pass is more to the right shoulder and touchdown and they are great. Stop while you are only a little behind.

I think it was pretty well signaled from Kalani and Arod that they would let Retzlaff play the last 4 games since he could play as many as 4 and still redshirt for the season. Of course Slovis could go, but the coaches made an affirmative decision to do an extended tryout for Retzlaff. Everyone knew that.

Still bugs the sh#$ out of me that Kalani made Clark take the fall for ARod’s disaster of a season, right after Clark recruited two straight 4 star TEs. Just shocking.

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Did we lose the 4 stars TE? Hill will change to TE this year. He will be better than the other 2.
Who knows if we win or lose by 30 if Slovis were to play. Just arm chair coaching.

QB competition at BYU is good for all involved (

What if? (per Dave McCann)

The offseason narrative could have been so different if only BYU had run the ball on first-and-goal at the 2-yard line against No. 14 Oklahoma. Instead of taking a 24-17 third-quarter lead in a battle where the Sooners were already playing their backup freshman quarterback, Retzlaff made a rookie mistake and threw a 100-yard pick-six.

BYU didn’t lose the game on that play, but the Cougars gave away a big opportunity to win it before eventually falling short 31-24. The following week, the Cougars blew a 24-6 halftime lead at Oklahoma State and lost in double-overtime.

A win in either of those two games would have capped BYU’s first Big 12 season with a bowl game and probably crowned Retzlaff as the incumbent quarterback for 2024.

Wishful what-if thinking, however, is no strategy for a different outcome. Making necessary changes is, and signing Bohanon to trigger the quarterback battle is a necessary start.

Small world

Bohanon was Charlie Brewer’s backup at Baylor before Brewer transferred to Utah. The Utes started Brewer ahead of Cam Rising in 2021 when BYU beat them 26-17 in Provo. One month later, Bohanon was Baylor’s starter when the Bears beat the Cougars 38-24 in Waco. Both Bohanon and Rising missed all of 2023 with medical redshirts. Should Bohanon win the starting job and remain healthy, he could face Rising in a matchup of seventh-year seniors when BYU and Utah meet at Rice-Eccles Stadium this fall.

Small world (Part II)

Bohanon started for South Florida when the Bulls hosted BYU in the 2022 season opener. The former Baylor quarterback, who had reportedly been pursued by the Cougars while he was in the transfer portal, completed 17 of 30 passes for 172 yards. He also rushed for 28 yards and threw a pick-six to BYU’s Max Tooley in a 50-21 defeat. Three of Jaren Hall’s top targets in that game will be among the new weapons for Bohanon, including Chase Roberts, Kody Epps, and Keanu Hill.

Dave McCann is too BYU fluff for my taste but…Both the OK and OSU games were BYU’s for the TAKING given AROD could muster even a smiggin of O in the 2nd half of each game.

Robbins transferring is galling to me. He broke his ribs early on the season, came back and started to be the bruising RB that we recruiting him for. The momentum started in the ISU game and carried forward in a big way to the OK game. and for some inexplicable reason, AROD does not give Robbins the ball on the 1 yard line and a chance to go up 24-17.
Oklahoma 31-24 BYU (Nov 18, 2023) Play-by-Play - ESPN

Keep in mind that OK was starting a redshirt Fr at QB. That 100 yd interception changed the momentum by 2 scores. That is a 14 point swing and ballgame.

Fast forward to the Ok St game. BYU is up 24-6 at halftime.
after halftime, BYU punts the ball 6 straight times allowing OK ST to go up 27-24. BYU wakes up at the end of the game and scores a field goal to tie up the game and take it to OT.

You could blame it on the D but the Truth IS BYU gassing their D by going 3 and out too many times in the 2nd half.

My take: Aiden Robbins was feed up with not seeing the rock enough in both very winnable games, lost faith in AROD, Sayanora. byu.

Okay, you keep saying that Robbins is transferring from BYU. Where is he transferring to? I cannot find anything about that. I do see lots about Robbins declaring for the NFL draft. Big difference! And, if he’s not transferring staying in college, then your slam on Arod for the reason is questionable. Possibly rumormongering. That wouldn’t surprise me in here.

Kalani’s direct quote: “Kedon hasn’t been healthy. He has been practicing. They have been competing against each other. Whoever gives us the best chance (to win) will be the guy taking the first snap.”

BYU football: Will Kalani Sitake shake up his 2023 coaching staff? - Deseret News

“I know Kedon was ready to go and wanted to be in there.”
Analysis: Second-half meltdown vs. OSU costs BYU a chance to go bowling - Deseret News

That pretty states that Slovis was good to go to play.

But I know you will twist it to meet your argument

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