Is Amber Whiting the right coach for the program at this time?

I really am looking for some good conversation as I have a lot I need to get off my chest about if Amber Whiting is the right coach for the women’s basketball team right now….this team has too much talent to finish 5th in WCC play…giving up 19 turnovers at the last game of the season is unacceptable- I don’t blame the players I blame the coaching…no discipline in taking care of the ball - thoughts? Anyone??

Gustin would have played for anyone at BYU. Losing Gonzales was a killer. So, I’ll say that this is a young team as is the men’s team. Portland is good. Yes, she’s the right coach. First year having to start from scratch.
There were 815 fans in the stands. Game was at 3pm? Why?

Hey thanks for the reply and I appreciate the comment and thoughts…in my opinion stands are full because of LG and her career year! She is a super star - losing Shaylee was huge blow to the team - but have to ask yourself why did Shaylee leave???

I understand the team is young but still think there is to much talent to finish 5th in WCC- Portland is a great team and very well coached in fact every loss in WCC with the exception of the two loses to Gonzaga Whiting was out coached hands down…in my opinion- I can forgive the turn overs early in the season but come on now…. it has not improved Turnovers are a consistent plague to this team and one that the coach has not been able to correct…in addition, bench players are not looking to be a threat on the offensive end- Amanda Barcello is a perfect example of this- hardly looks at the rim when she touches the ball- can’t wait to pass it as soon as she touches it- I am a HS girls basketball coach in AZ for 7 years and Amanda was a flat out stud at Seton here in the valley in HS- this is not an Amanda problem - coaches are not instilling the confidence in their players - but just my humble opinion

Players usually know who the scorers are and freshman have to sit and wait. Shaylee left because her mom didn’t get the coaching job. Plain and simple.

I understand knowing who the scorers are - but as a coach you need everyone on the court to square up and be a threat…doesn’t mean they have to shoot every time they touch the ball but at least look like you want to score - that’s a coaching problem that could be corrected really easily….otherwise no need to guard everyone on the floor…. and whoever is guarding a non threat can help off on D and make it harder for your scorers - hence all the TO- easy team to defend-

And you are right Shaylee left because her mom didn’t get the job- trust me I am not a fan of her mom as her team has beat mine many times over the years here in AZ - seems like coaching decisions are made by what daughters are going to come verses stay I guess

I guess we will see with the Oregon transfer, another AZ girl from Valley Vista, and the much anticipated daughter of coach whiting how good her coaching is next year when they have these top recruits as the enter the Big 12 next year

But this current team should have never finished wcc play under 3rd place - just my opinion

One last statement and then I will let it go :slight_smile: but if Juddy had this current team I am confident that they would have preformed much better - Hence my point about a coaching issue verses a player issue…I think Lee would have been a better choice

Whiting never coach any college level right?
I think Lee Cummard would have been a better choice, if given any thought. Lee still an assistant coach with BYU women basketball team?
We were lucky to have Jeff Judkin for many years and knew he was an assistant coach at Utah, and BYU men’s basketball. First year for BYU women’s basketball what was his record?
As for Whiting it was her first year coaching in this college level and would have poor a winning record as expected. But next year with B12 will not be easy. And I hope her daughter will be ready to play next season on her first college career (ACL injury last summer before her senior year at Timpview high school).

I agree with players being in a triple threat position more often. That’s why I don’t like the weave we run so much with the men’s team.
Players don’t look to shoot unless they have confidence in their shot. I time, Barcello will.
I don’t like the response by Gonzales. She let her team down just because her mom didn’t get the job.

Whiting was a HS coach in Idaho never coached college before…and Judy’s record his first year was 24-9 and took 2nd in the conference and went to a sweet 16 appearance in the NCAA tournament :slight_smile: Judy’s 3rd and 4th season were much tougher than his first season

I don’t disagree with you about Shaylee- but at the same time I understand it- especially with the way the transfer portal works now- she has done well in Texas her defense has improved 10 times since at BYU plus a bigger market for NIL deals…if there was a time to leave it was the perfect time- lost a hall of fame coach, already graduated from BYU, 2 years of eligibility left, mom didn’t get the job, lost Paisley, Maria, Hamson,Graham, and others to graduation, lead the team in almost every stat since a freshmen…I hated seeing her leave but I can understand it - it was more than just that her mom didn’t get the job…but it had a major impact on her decision for sure…Shaylee gave everything she had for the team and played 4 years - won many games and a few conference championships - I can’t really blame her for leaving - would I have personally liked for her to stay at BYU yes- but seeing what she has done in Texas and how much she has improved defensively it was the right decision for her as a player she would not have gotten that kind of development had she stayed

Yes Lee is still an assistant with the team- however in several of his interviews he has tactfully expressed his frustration with learning a new system and the change in coaching philosophy etc. I can tell he stayed with the team for the girls - I will not be surprised if he finds another home to coach somewhere else in the next few years

Also you are right about the B12 - that conference is no joke- much stronger then the WCC - wake up call is a coming

In addition I think Rose should be given some more PT - seems like as soon as Rose makes a mistake she is pulled vs. Emma who can make 3 times the mistakes and remain in the game- Emma is a good player but she has been sub par and fouls way to much- I think Rose brings more attacking and athleticism but just doesn’t seem as if whiting will give her as much grace for her mistakes as she gives to Emma for her mistakes

In addition, Smiler needs to look to attack more- for the most part the only time she really looks to attack is late in the shot clock- most of the time when she attacks good things happen- she is good off the dribble and can finish around the rim and is good at drawing fouls- needs to be more aggressive within the offense, attack more and early in the shot clock - again a coaching adjustment that would make a big impact on their offense…this would also open up more opportunities for LG to have dump passes and easy layups as the big will need to decide if they are going to help on Smiler - if so dump passes to LG will be open…if not Smiler has the open lane for a layup…we need more guards looking to attack outside of Nani - I mean even Mackey- Williams settles to much for her outside shot…with the guards we have and an athletic big in Rose we should look at a dribble drive motion offense- we have the pieces to run that kind of offense and it would be highly effective against these teams in the WCC who play a lot of man to man….also look for more transition - our half court sets are slow to develop and easy to guard and too predictable - transition and a read and react offense would serve this team better- Amber if you are reading this advice is for free :slight_smile: might make some noise in the WCC tournament if you can find a way to implement some of these concepts:)

Sorry, but I love how people judge coaches based on one year performance.

I don’t know if she is the right one until year 3 or 4 after we get her recruits in and playing.

What I do know is that this year’s team had 3 upper classmen (1 SR and 2- Jr’s) on the team (Juddy had 9 4-Sr’s, 5 Jr’s). So Juddy left the cupboard a bit bear on leadership.

You also have to remember that Juddy was an assistant coach for 10+ years at Utah under Rick Majerus (a jerk, but a great coaching mind) before coming to BYU.

Why would Lee be better? Because he played for BYU? had one- or two-year’s assistant coach under Juddy?

The biggest issue is that BYU right now has 9 sophomores and 3 Freshman playing. Not sure Juddy would have done better.

For whatever reason, BYU only had 16 scholarship players this year instead of the usual 18.

From what I understand, I am not a basketball genius, but Whiting has a way with kids, she needed to get her feet wet and she did that. Now let’s see what she can do with recruiting.

I did not like the way they dealt Ty Detmer with Football, he was never given a chance to improve and show what he could do. I think judging Whiting after one year is short sighted.

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Hey there Floyd thanks for you comments - I realize my comments may be unfair after one year - I really think what it boils down for me- I am not a huge fan of hiring a college head coach with just HS coaching experience- the reason I think Lee would have been better- a lot more experience coaching college basketball and he has a great connection with girls- every past player talks very highly of him….but purely from a coaching perspective and having coached HS girls basketball in AZ for 7 years I see areas that I have listed above that I think would make improvements with this current team right away- but I realize my thoughts and ideas could be wrong for sure…so I am asking you to answer my coaching anyalsis and changes and tell me where I may be off based on what you see happening on the floor with this team?

I agree with what you say. By the way, perhaps Shaylee’s defense would be just as good this year at BYU because she’s one more year out from her ACL injury. I also wonder about the NIL. BYU has far reaching fans around the world more than Texas. Does she make more money at Texas and could she have equaled it at BYU?
Being that she graduated, perhaps Texas had a graduate program that BYU didn’t?

Very true statement about her defense- I do think though that Texas head coach emphasized defensive principles with their team and they press almost the entire game Shaylee has done well in that system- not sure about the money but I would assume the money in NIL deals would be a better market in Texas but I am not well versed in knowing that…so just purely speculation on my part…I believe she is in a grad program but I am not sure which one…