Is anyone counting the days before Fall Practice Begins?

Where is everyone on this board?

Has anyone seen the rankings of the 128 football head coaches?
While I don’t agree with the ranking given to our HC, I THINK that I would rather start low and during the season prove to be much, much, much better, than to start high, and during the season, prove to be much, much, much lower.

I love our current coaching staff and their ability to get along great with coaches from rival Universities. I respect them as much for what they don’t say, as I do for what they do say.

This is going to be a great season for us as long as we don’t drop below 6-6. I expect 8-4. I hope for 9-3.

I don’t know what the head coach rankings are, but our head coach has never been one before so whatever ranking he gets probably doesn’t reflect much. Regardless, it is a head coach ranking, right?

Regarding the current coaching staff… what rival university coaches do they get along with so well? I’m not sure why that even matters actually.

Yeah… I think that pretty much is common sense.

Jim, thanks for your reply.

I am referring to the friendship between Whittingham and Sataki.

They actually like each other and have played with each and coached with each other for many years in the past. Our outgoing coach and Whittingham did not have that friendly relationship. My hope is that our rivalry with the Utes will be a much more intelligent one coming from both sides. I really think it will be.

Of the 128 head coaches, ours was ranked #69. I hope that he proves this season to be closer to 39 or better. I think he will be. I really like him.

I hope so too Ron. Looking forward to a good season.

I think the key is that they both have mutual respect for each other. I am not sure that Bronco being an introvert was ever warm with Kyle, and the fact that Kyle was offered the BYU job before Mendenhall, might have something to do with it as well.

Kalani, has changed the environment at BYU football office, it more open to the players and their is a friendly atmosphere than what was there earlier. I think that will pay dividends.

Thank you for your reply Russ.

I do have great expectations for this season. The schedule gives us a chance to be relevant in the college football world. If we can beat half of the six P5 teams and not lose to any of the G5 teams, for me, that will be better than any 10-2 11-1 seasons of the past decade.

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Thank you for your reply and I totally agree with you. I really like what I am seeing for BYU football.
With a schedule like this season and with our new coaching staff, I see nothing G5 about our team.
We are starting to schedule like a P5 team. (We still have room for improvement). OUR COACHING STAFF
I believe is a big improvement now over the outgoing staff. Our team this season, with both Tanner and Hill to do what ever Detmer says they can do, along with Jaamal Williams and the receiving corp that we now have all spells (good things coming) for our cougars, I like the 3-4 over the 4-3 defense. We have go good Offensive line. Our center is back. Footballl, ( IS ALL THAT IMPORTANT), TO THIS STAFF and it will show on the field. While most predictions are a 6-6 season for us this season, I expect an 8-4 season and hope for a 9-3 season. Go Cougars.