Is anyone else annoyed with

mobile app login as I am?

I have to log in every time I open the internet explorer on my IPAD.

I know there is a way to retain the password on mobile apps, because other apps I use can do that.

Second problem… PLEASE STOP with the minimum character required for the topic… Sometimes 15 characters is to much.

My only issue is I forgot to set Chrome to mobile mode. The site doesn’t display well when it’s in desktop mode. My browser is always open, but even when I restart the tablet, I’m still logged on.

Not sure how you got internet explorer to work on an iPad. :wink:

I meant it as a general term, not an app… I think they call it Safari or some dumb thing like that… Still can not keep my login going…

Yeah, I figured you used Safari. Just wanted to pull your leg a bit. :smile:

I’m having no issues with my Android phone or tablet. Hopefully, they’ll look into this.

I have never had to re-log in using Safari on my iPhone. You must be clearing browser history and passwords to keep your wife from finding your porn history :smiley:

really classy KC… I know you were trying to be funny, but it wasn’t to me. have family members with this problem. but I know you meant no harm… so we are cool.

is there some type of setting in safari you can set? I strictly PC user and use my iPad for reading books and the scriptures. your help would be appreciated.

I found the way that your password is saved in safari, but it was set to the old site. I could not find a way to change it. can we have the option save our password on the site?

When you swipe closed safari, don’t X out each page and each time you pull up Sadari you will return to this page and stay logged in. Was out of the country for 8 days, had my phone off the entire time, come back and pull up safari, still logged in. The old board, I would often need to log in multiple times per hour even when actively posting. Huge log in improvment here

Safari is the recommended and preferred system for all or most, or a significant number of users that are
Apple/MAC users.

PC users usually like other systems over Safari.

Hmm, I’ve been using macs for ages. I prefer Firefox and Chrome over Safari. If I was on an iPhone or iPad, I’d use Safari because of the way Apple made it difficult for anybody else to build a decent browser for them.

I did as KC suggested and I still can’t stayed logged in… any suggestions?

I am a PC guy using a IPad (mostly for the scriptures)…

Sounds like you have a setting or a program installed that wipes your history including passwords when you close it down. Or someone is using your iPad and clearing it manually so you don’t see their browsing history.

I don’t know apple stuff and we do have iPad. I fix electron stuff mostly PC but Apples? I take them to Apple Store to have them fix it in few seconds.

Maybe, you need to step up to the Genius Bar… :wink:

nah… PC rules the universe… LOL

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Hi Russ,

When I bought my last Mac (my 4th), I decided to pay the $100 fee and get unlimited lessons at the Mac
Store. One of the things that they told me was that Safari was made for Mac and it seems to be the favorite among Mac users.

The kid, my teacher, says that PC owners prefer Chrom and other systems as well or better the Safari.

I tried Chrom and I did not like it so I went back to
safari. If you find something you like, stick with it. Even after the year training, I still feel like a Technically challenge 101 failure.

[quote=“Ronald_Uharriet, post:16, topic:241, full:true”]
Hi Russ,

When I bought my last Mac (my 4th), I decided to pay the $100 fee and get unlimited lessons at the Mac
Store. One of the things that they told me was that Safari was made for Mac and it seems to be the favorite among Mac users. [/quote]

Of course they are going to tell you that. Microsoft is going to say the same thing about IE on Windows.

Safari is a fine browser. I work on many different types of systems (Linux, Windows, Mac and Andriod). Firefox and Chrome are just better options. I primarily use Firefox because of all the available add-ons you can use. I understand Safari is getting those too. If I would suggest just one, use AdBlock Plus. It will change the way you see websites.


Thanks for the information. (AdBlock Plus)


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so back to my question… how do you stay logged in safari? Every time I close my IPAD safari, I need to re-log in to Cougarfan…

That’s what we are saying, you don’t have to do anything. You have a setting doing this or someone is cleaning your cookies and history. Stop in at Apple and have them fix it, never had this issue with safari.