Is Barak Obama a Christian?

                   Am I a Christian? 

The question has been asked, Is Barak Obama a Christian, is Donald Trump a Christian. It is kind of interesting to note that those who ask the question rarely seem to appeal to the scriptures for the answer. The scriptures are very explicit as to the answer. From the scriptures we find the statement “By their fruits shall ye know them".
As we read and study the teachings of Jesus, we find that each one of them, are immersed in the virtues. It appears that everything he taught was centered around one of the many virtues. They include kindness, humility, gentleness and love unfeigned. There is compassion, sacrifice and charity. Many of them are found in his Sermon on the Mount, in his prayers to his father and in everything he did and taught. He not only taught the virtues but he also lived them to their fullest.
A really great thing happens as we study and learn and apply those virtues in our daily lives. They literally enter into our lives and change our hearts. They cause, if you will, broken heart and a contrite spirit within us. Our souls are enlightened and we become. You see, Christianity really has nothing to do with proclaiming that I am a Christian, but it is all about becoming a Christian. As we live his teachings, and those virtues, we become kinder, more gentle, more loving. Our compassion grows and we strive to be more of service and humility guides our lives. We listen more closely to the promptings of the Spirit. We become a changed being and are sanctified by the Spirit. Those virtues become a part of our everyday living. They literally, become the fruits by which our lives are known. Thus fulfilling, the scripture, “by their fruits, ye shall know them”. There is one more thing that they do. They fulfill the Saviors great Intercessory prayer which is found in John chapter 17. That is the prayer where he prays for his apostles and his disciples. He prays that they may be one as he and his Father in Heaven are one. They literally bring us to God, for we become more Christ like in all we do and say and think. Now I beg to ask the question. If you were brought before a Court of Law to be judged, would your fruits convict you of being a Christian?

Sometimes Jeff, I wonder if there is any such thing as “being a Christian”… Some of the posts I read and write, I have to wonder what happened to Christ like attitudes we all should have.

Amen Floyd, amen!

But it’s fun to rattle your cage sometimes :slight_smile: